The Emmitsburg Council of Churches took form at a dinner meeting at Elias Lutheran Church on October 18 with Incarnation UCC, Tom's Creek United Methodist, Trinity United Methodist and the Presbyterian churches present. Although a formal constitution was not adopted until 1971, the group of ministers agreed to work together in worship, parish education, social ministry and evangelism.

The most recently adopted constitution of 1998 states the purpose of the Emmitsburg Council of Churches as providing "the framework whereby the member congregations worship and work together."

Member congregations of the Council in 2002 are:

  • Elias Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • Emmitsburg United Presbyterian Church
  • Incarnation United Church of Christ
  • Mt. St. Mary's Chapel of Immaculate Conception
  • St. Anthony Shrine Parish
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church
  • Sisters of Charity St. Joseph's Provincial House
  • Tom's Creek United Methodist Church
  • Trinity United Methodist Church

The Emmitsburg Council of Churches' executive committee consists of the pastors of each church and two members from each congregation. Each congregation encourages its members to develop an ecumenical spirit and participate in the activities of the Council. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each odd-numbered month. All meetings are open to everyone, but voting privileges are limited to members of the executive committee.