Emmitsburg Council of Churches

Easter Sunday Meditation

Father John J. Lombardi

Movies, pop culture, art, poetry and music captivate our imaginations here in the USA, and yet so many of these are based upon our Bible's Story of Salvation. Each Easter we especially think of "God's Grand Sweep of Salvation" which the Easter Vigil Liturgy recapitulates to remind us all He has done for us, especially Jesus' Resurrection.

So let's take a tour of Salvation History and, now, roll the credits Starring: Jesus the Christ…Supporting cast: Moses, prophets and the Blessed Virgin Mary; St. Peter; St. Thomas them. Doubter makes a comeback…Produced by God the Father…Directed by: the Holy Spirit. Music by angelic choirs.

Creation: Even google.earth cannot top this: God the Father created the Heavens and Earth-the Grand Canyon, the Alps and Catoctin mountains, the Shenandoah River and Purple Mountain's majesties and Midwest prairies and oceanic wonders and a Great Barrier Reef… And now we enjoy now a beautiful Maryland Spring and re-birth! May all creation praise Him! "God is the artist and the Universe is His work of art."-St Thomas Aquinas Mankind: The masterpiece of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel captures in dint fashion the Love of the Lord and creation of Adam and Eve. Yet let's also remember Irenaeus' saying: "The glory of God is man fully alive". Are you fully alive in Him?

Fall from Grace: There was rebellion against God and the First Original Sin. Adam and Eve chose sin instead of turning to Him, the Eternal Father: What will you do?

Covenant: God said, kinda', "Let's Make a Deal" and He did-He covenanted Himself to the Hebrews and Jews and said He would always be faithful: forever! He is our "Rock of Ages" and is unfailing! Do you really trust Him?

Washout: Noah and flood: The Rainbow was seen at the end giving us hope thru all trials. Do you hope thru all darknesses? Gnarly Messengers: He sent the Prophets, we got Moses and "The Ten Commandments" and Jeremiah and Isaiah and all the rest-they told us "The Lord is my shepherd" and preached the truth and, though it often hurts, it frees. Are you listening? Going Green: God sent St John the Baptist who ate grasshoppers and honey and maybe was the first environmentalist and organic prophet and who cried: "Prepare the way of the Lord!" Will you? It's beginning to look like Christmas. Jesus the Christ is born of a young beautiful, Jewish girl--remember: There's No room at the Inn-His birth attracts pagans, astrologers all kinds of interesting folk. "The King and I" is not only a movie but also the story of the individual soul, ourselves, when we gracefully become and mini-tabernacle of Jesus within-"The Kingdom of God is within you" (Lk. 17:21). Rags to riches: Jesus took poor fishermen and made them rich in Eternal Life. I Wanna Marry a Millionaire: Yes-everyone can by becoming a consort-bride of Christ-accepting Him as Savior and Lord. He will establish within you His riches. Are you born again? -You Gotta Serve Somebody At the Last Supper He washed the Apostle's feet and showed us the way to freedom: Faith without works is dead (Jas 2:26).He's "The Miracle Man": He multiplies bread and fishes; He raises the dead and restores sight to the blind and as the sick. Do you really believe? Face book is not only an Internet website but also Veronica's Veil in which she approached our Lord's Passion and helped Him: will you?

The Statue of Liberty Proclaims "Give me your tired huddled masses…" And Jesus Christ does-befriending aliens, outcasts, poor and prostitute persons into newfound dignity. Do you free captives?

"The Fugitive": He the Lord Jesus became one because he upset people's apple carts and "went on the run"-will you harbor this Christ in your heart?

The Last Supper: Leonardo DaVinci painted a beautiful, haunting painting, and it hangs in many people's dining rooms and yet more beautiful is the reality of Jesus supping with us, giving us His very real and substantial Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Himself in Holy Communion! He asks like the famous painting depicts Him with lantern: "Behold I stand at the door and knock and if anyone answers I will come in a sup with him" (Rev. 3:20).

Good Friday became just that because He died on a tree-Calvary-"No greater love hath a man have than to lay down his life". Have you received His Most Precious Blood into your very veins? Bite the Bullet: Like a good soldier or Marine He takes the hit for us and even though sinless dies for us. Can't Keep a Good Man Down/ Dead Man Walking-He's The Miracle Man-He Rose From the Dead: what more can you ask for? Houdini the magician-escape artist would love Him - Christ escapes from the grips of Hell and death and rises from the dead. He's the Extreme Makeover: Christ transforms and conquers death and is ebullient and radiant in New light and Glory!

My priest-friend Fr Paul Redmond called attention to the English Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins' poetry, which turned the noun Eater into a verb and wrote: "May the Lord Easter in you." And let's remember-"Heaven can wait" as Christ prepares a place for us up yonder. Recollect now this beautiful, helpful saying of Easter Life: "Out of the tomb and into my heart" Think about it-accept it and…Happy and Blessed Easter!

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