A Gardener's Christmas Wish List

Barb Mrgich
Adams County Master Gardener

Got a gardener on your Christmas list? After many years of experience, here is a list of my top ten favorite things that I think any gardener would enjoy receiving.

#10. Tools: A Yard Butler rake is very flexible and is especially great for removing leaves from your ground covers. A hand tool known as the Soil Scoop is super for potting and planting annuals. A pair of Felco bypass pruners....once you've had a pair, you'll never want to go back to any others. A garden knife is invaluable for weeding and many other jobs. Mine is a Fiskars and cost less than $10.00. I love it. Don't forget about a pair of good gloves. My favorites are the Atlas Nitrile Touch. They cling to your hand and have rubber tipped fingers. They protect you while giving great flexibility. I just bought a pair of Atlas Thermal Fit gloves which are great in March and November. All under $10.00.

#9. A Set of Three Matching Planters - Like most nice things, beautiful planters are expensive. This time of year, most retailers have them marked down as much as 60%, so this is the time to purchase them. Why three? One is nice, two is better, but three together make a strong, lovely statement in the garden or at your front entrance. Think big.

# 8. A Potting Bench - Most gardeners spend time potting up seedlings and annuals. It is a messy job and is sometimes hard on the back. Having a potting bench allows you to work in an area where the mess doesn't bother anything, and allows you to stand erect while working

#7. A Gift Certificate to a Favorite Nursery - You can't go wrong here!

#6. A Compost Bin - Composting is fundamental to gardening. If you compost correctly there is no foul odor as some people think, and it doesn't have to create an eyesore. I have two cedar bins each holding one cubic yard that work for me. There are many other alternatives from which to choose. Composting allows you to make the most use of your garden waste improving your soil and saving money at the same time.

#5. A Peterson Bluebird House - Any bird house or feeder can be an appreciated gift. The Peterson bluebird house seems to do the best job of attracting bluebirds.

#4. A Raised Bed - You can buy a kit, or build your own (which will probably be sturdier). For a gardener with limited space or problem soil, you can't beat a raised bed....better soil, better drainage, warms up quicker in the spring, and lasts longer in the fall. You can raise a lot of veggies in a four by eight foot bed.

#3. A Sturdy Trellis or Oblisk - Like the raised bed, very simple to make, and will probably last longer than the purchased type. An easy and attractive way to add height and interest to your garden. My husband constructed this trellis which not only looks good, it camouflages the electric meter while still allowing it to be read.

#2. A Piece of Unique Garden Art - Maybe something handcrafted by you or by an artisan, or something found at an estate sale or antique shop.

#1. A Handsome, Strong Gardener. -- Okay, I just threw in the handsome part for ornamental value, and, I guess, if you are buying for a man, he might have a different idea, but this is MY top ten list! Seriously though, a willing strong back is one of the best gifts a gardener can receive, such as, HINT, HINT, a grandson who gives his Grandmother a certificate promising X number of hours of help.

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