Fall Garden Chores 

Frank Williams
Adams County Master Gardener

It is still early August as I write this article; hot, dry, and drought are the operative words. However, by the time this is published, our attention will be turned toward preparing the garden and yard for winter months.

Here are a few simple suggestions for such preparation. First, save those fall lawn cuttings and leaves. Place them in a container or pile in order to provide compost for next year's garden. Second, remove dead vegetables and plants from the garden and yard. If disease is apparent, destroy or place them in a garbage container to reduce chances of infestation next year. Third, plant bulbs in fall for additional spring and summer color.

A fourth suggestion for winter garden protection is to consider adding mulch to protect valuable plants and perennials- but not so deep as to provide unwanted insects (i.e. beetles) a safe haven from winter cold.

Finally, if drought conditions permit, deep water shrubs and bushes, before heavy frost arrives, to provide moisture and soil protection for the winter months. This may not be necessary if we get some heavy and sustained rain during the fall.

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