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William's History of Frederick County

Isaac. S. Annan

Isaac. S. Annan, one of the leading merchants of Emmitsburg, Md., son of Andrew Annan, M. D., was born at the Annan homestead in Emmitsburg, Md., July 25, 1833, and died November 10, 1909.

Dr. Annanís grandfather, Robert Annan, M.D., was a native of Scotland who came to America in 1761. His father, Andrew Annan, M.P., was born in the Annan homestead, in Emmitsburg. Md., in 1805.

Isaac S. Annan was educated in the public schools of Emmitsburg under Mr. Oliver McLean, Mr. Pearson, Mr. Crooks, Mr. Gearhart, and others. He left school at the age of nineteen years, and at twenty was a clerk in the store of which he became the owner, then the property of George W. Rowe. 

The firm of Rowe & Annan did a successful business until 1856, when Mr. Rowe withdrew, and Mr. Annanís father took his place, the firm name being I. S. Annan & Company. In 1858, Mr. Annanís father withdrew, and his brother, James C. Annon became a member of the firm which was known as I. S. Annan & Brother.

In 1894 James C. Annan died, but the partnership continued until 1895; since then Mr. Annan had carried on the business alone. He carried a full line of general merchandise and enjoyed the esteem and confidence of the community. In 1861, Mr. Annan built the office occupied by the "Chronicle."

Isaac S. Annan, together with his father, Andrew Annan, his brother, James C. Annan, and Major 0. A. Horner, organized the Annan and Homer bank in 1882, with I. S. Annan as president. He was also president of the Emmitsburg Water Company which he helped to organize in 1880. The water, which is of the purest and best, is drawn from mountain springs, four miles from the city. Great credit is due to Mr. Annan for completing the water works. An opportunity was given to every citizen of the place to purchase the stock of the company. Mr. Annan had been a Republican all his life and always took an active interest in public affairs. At the time of his death he was one of the best known and most prominent business men in Emmitsburg.

Isaac S. Annan was married, in Emmitsburg, in 1864, to Julia, daughter of William C. Landers, of Franklin Mills, Frederick County, Md. Their children are: 1, Edgar L.; 2, Helen, at home; 3, Anna (Mrs. George H. Cook), has four sons, Andrew A., Robert G., George A., and Isaac S. A. Cook; 4, Emily (Mrs. W. Rodney Burton), of Emmitsburg; 5, Sarah C., (Mrs. T. B. Zimmerman), of Emmitsburg, has one son, Joseph; 6, Isaac MI., at home; 7, Robert L., at home, unmarried.

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