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William's History of Frederick County

Edgar Annan

EDGAR L. ANNAN, a prominent business man of Emmitsburg Md., is a member of the well-known banking house of Annan, Homer & Company. He was born in Emmitsburg, July 4, 1865. He is a son of Isaac S. and Julia (Landers) Annan.

The Annan family originated in Scotland. The American ancestor was Robert Annan, who was born in the town of Cupar Fife, Scotland, in 1742, and died in 1819. Of his early history nothing definite can now he ascertained. After pursuing the usual course at the University of St. Andrew, he commenced the study of theology under the venerable Alexander Moncrief, one of the original Seceders. 

Among his fellow students were Messrs. John Mason and James Proudfit, who afterwards became fellow laborers with him in this country. He was licensed by the Associate Presbytery of Perth when only about nineteen years old, and shortly appointed by Synod to visit the American Colonies as missionary He was but little inclined to accept the appointment, but went nevertheless. He arrived in New York in the summer of 1761, and labored as an itinerant for about four years.

He was ordained and installed at Neeleytown, N. Y., in 1766. Here he remained for fourteen years, having four congregations under his charge. At the outbreak of the War of the Revolution and throughout its whole progress, he showed himself a most earnest patriot. His fervid patriotism and especially his denunciation of the British Government during the struggle made him a man of mark. 

He was visited by Washington, Colonel Hamilton, Lafayette and General Knox. In 1783, Rev. Annan removed from Neeleytown to Boston, where he remained for three years. In 1786, he received and accepted a call from Old Scots Church, Philadelphia, where he continued in charge until 1801 or 1802, when he removed to Baltimore, Md., and stayed there until 1812. He retired to an estate he had purchased in York County, Pa. He died from injuries received by being thrown from a carriage.

Rev. Annan was twice married. He was married (it is believed in the year 1764) to Margaret Cochran, daughter of William Cochran, of Carrollsburg, York County, Pa. By this marriage there were two sons: Robert Lansdale and William, both of whom became physicians. The elder settled at Emmitsburg, Md., and died in 1827. The latter located in Philadelphia, Pa., and died in 1797. The mother of these two children died October 13, 1793. 

The next year, Mr. Annan was married to Elizabeth Hawthorne, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Hawthorne, who lived near Strasburg, Lancaster County, Pa. She died in Lancaster County, Pa. The children of this marriage were six, three sons and three daughters: Samuel, the second child, studied medicine, partly in this country and partly in Edinburgh. Scotland. He practiced his profession successfully at Emmitsburg, Baltimore, Lexington, Ky., and St. Louis, Mo.; Rev. William Annan, a minister who died in Pittsburgh, Pa., John B., Eliza, who married A. Noble, of Philadelphia, Pa. The others died young.

[Robert Annon, the eldest son of the first marriage, settled in Emmitsburg, his son, Isaac S. Annon is the father of Edgar L. Annon, the subject of this story.

Edgar L. Annan acquired his education at New Windsor, Md. In 1883, when he gave up his studies, he entered the banking house of Annan, Horner & Company, at Emmitsburg. He has since remained identified with this sound and prosperous financial institution. On the death of Major Oliver A. Homer, his uncle, and one of the organizers of the firm, Mr. Annan became cashier. This responsible position he is still filling, and he has discharged the duties devolving upon him with much ability. He is numbered among the leading and highly regarded citizens of Emmitsburg.

In politics, Mr. Annan supports the principles of the Republican party. He is prominent in Masonic circles. He holds membership in the Knights Templar, Frederick Commandery, and St. Johnís Chapter, Baltimore. In religious affairs, he is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, in which he serves as a trustee.

Mr. Annan was married at Emmitsburg in 1884 to Pauline McNair, of that place. They are the parents of five children: Edgar L., Jr., Samuel McNair, Lewis IL., Pauline, Ethel and Richard Cochran.

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