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Emmitsburg's Confederate Honor Roll

This is a listing of known Confederate Veterans that lived in or near Emmitsburg before or after the Civil War.

2nd Louisiana Infantry

Ernest Lagard - Private in Company A. 2nd Louisiana Infantry was also known as the Louisiana Zouaves that was formed in Camp Moore, Louisiana in 1861. Ordered to Virginia and was assigned to the Department of the Peninsula. Fought during the Seven Day's Battles and Cold Harbor. It participated in the famous raid on Washington, known as Early's Raid during July of 1864.

1st Maryland Cavalry

Edward Thomas McBride - Private in Company D, 2nd Maryland Infantry. Reenlisted as a Private, 1st Maryland Cavalry Company C at Frederick Maryland on September 11, 1862. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Absent, sick near Strasburg on December 15 through December 31, 1862. Absent, sick in Hospital at Hanover, Virginia on August 5 through August 31, 1863. Absent, sick with Scabies in Richmond Hospital June 24 through July 4, 1864. Captured at Chambersburg Pennsylvania on August 1, 1864 or Allegheny County Maryland August 2, 1864. Sent to Wheeling West Virginia. 5' 8". Dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes. Transferred to Camp Chase. Exchanged March 12, 1865. Admitted to Richmond Hospital on the same day. Paroled at Staunton on May 12, 1865. Died on February 14, 1904. Buried at Catholic Church Cemetery in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Donald McNeil Shorb - Private in Company C. Born in 1842 and a resident of Frederick County, Maryland. Enlisted at Westminster, Maryland on October 15, 1862. Present on roll from July through December of 1863. Absent on horse detail for 10 days to Bridgewater, Virginia, February 1, 1864. Present April 1, through August 31, 1864. Absent on detail as a curier for General Lunsford Lomax November and December of 1864. Tool oath at Washington, April of 1865. Died at Clairoix, Maryland on July 10, 1866 at the age of 28.

Joseph Cosmas Shorb - Born on April 30, 1843 at Emmitsburg, Maryland. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland and enlisted in Company C known as the Cockade Mounted Battery of the 18th Battalion of Virginia Heavy Artillery (Hardin's Heavy Artillery No. 4.) on October 17, 1862 in Richmond, Virginia. Transferred to Company F of the 1st Maryland Cavalry on June 15, 1863 at Richmond, Virginia by Special Order #141 A&IGO issued on June 13, 1863. Promoted as 4th Corporal of that unit. Present on roll through October of 1863. Absent sick with debility in Richmond Hospital November 25, 1863 through February 8, 1865. Paroled at Columbia Virginia on May 5, 1865. Admitted to the old soldier's home, Pikesville, Maryland around 1900. Died on February 27, 1902. Buried in Westminster, Maryland. 

Felix J. Wise - 2nd Corporal in Company F. Born in 1841 and a resident of Emmitsburg, Frederick County, Maryland. Enlisted in Company C 18th Virginia Heavy Artillery on December 14, 1862 at Richmond Virginia. Transferred to Company F of the 1st Maryland Cavalry on June 15, 1863 at Richmond, Virginia by Special Order #141 A&IGO issued on June 13, 1863. Present on Muster Rolls through October 1863. Present as private November to December 1863 and April 1, 1864. Captured at Pollard's Farm, Virginia on May 27, 1864. Sent to Point Lookout and exchanged on February 17, 1865. Paroled at New Market, Virginia on April 19, 1865. Age 24, 6 foot, light complexion, light hair, brown eyes. Took oath at Winchester April 28, 1865.

1st Maryland Infantry

William Pinkney Martin - Private in Company G. Enlisted at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia on May 23, 1861. Born on November 30, 1843. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Present September through December 1861 on muster roll. Received pay at Richmond on July 11, 1862. Promoted to Lieutenant and Enrolling Officer, Caroline County, Virginia. Served as Lieutenant in Company F, 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry, known as Mosby's Rangers. Died January 2, 1880. Buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

James W. Rosensteel - Private in Company A. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Enlisted at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia on May 21, 1861. Present on roll September through December, 1861. Reenlisted on February 8, 1862. Absent, in Richmond Hospital on August 26, 1862. Deserted from hospital on September 1, 1862. Reenlisted with Company A, 2nd Maryland Infantry, date unknown. Captured at Emmitsburg, Maryland on July 4, 1863. Sent to Philadelphia. Transferred to Fort McHenry. Transferred to Fort Delaware. Released May 11, 1865. 5' 6", dark complexion, brown hair, grey eyes.

John C. Smith - Private, No further record. Buried at Eyler's Valley Church Cemetery.

2nd Maryland Artillery (Baltimore Light Artillery)

Hugh C. Barry - Private, 2nd Maryland Artillery

2nd Maryland Infantry

Andrew L. Cretin - Born around 1838. Resided in Saint Mary's County before the war and was resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland after the war. Served as a Private in Company F. Enlisted on October 11, 1862. Present on roll on March 31, 1864. Wounded in action at Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864. Wounded at the shoulder and neck. Absent, wounded in hospital at Richmond June 6, 1864. Received 30 day furlough on July 2, 1864. Returned to duty on August 1, 1864.  Age 26 and was present on roll dated 10/31/64 and 2/28/65. Captured at Hatcher's Run on April 2, 1865. Sent to Point Lookout, Maryland. Released on June 10, 1865. Listed as a Carpenter with brown hair and grey eyes.

Hillary Cretin - Private in  Company F. Enlisted on October 11, 1862. Present on roll March 31, 1864. Wounded in action at the battle of Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864. Wounded in action at Pegram's Farm on September 30, 1864. Absent, wounded in Richmond Hospital through February 1865. Sick in camp February 28, 1865. Paroled at Winchester April 19, 1865. Age 21. 5' 11", blue eyes. Born in 1844.

John T. Cretin - Private in Company G. Born October 20,1831. Resident of Emmitsburg. On post war roster date of death December 6, 1903. Buried in St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Emmitsburg.

Alexius V. Keepers - Private in Company A. Born on May 4, 1843. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Enlisted on October 11, 1862. Absent, sick with Typhoid fever in Richmond Hospital on November 12, 1862 through April 20, 1863. Wounded in action and captured at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Wound consisted of fractured left heel. Sent to Chester Pennsylvania Hospital. Transferred to Point Lookout. Paroled for exchange on March 3, 1864. Absent on parole on March 31, 1864. Exchanged. Wounded in action at Cold Harbor on June 3, 1864. Wounded in left hand and little finger. Absent, wounded in Richmond Hospital on June 4, 1864. Finger amputated. Returned to duty August 30, 1864. Present on roll on October 31, 1864 through February 28, 1865. Surrendered at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Was a blacksmith and died on February 2, 1924. Buried at St. Anthony's Catholic Church Cemetery.

Joseph L. McAleer - Captain in Company D. Resident of Emmitsburg. Appointed Captain of the Maryland Volunteers in October 1861. Elected Captain of Company D on September 12, 1862. Present on muster roll October through December 1862, April 28, 1863, May through June 1863 and Gettysburg. Paid August 1, 1863. Absent, sick with Dysentery in Richmond Hospital in January 1864. Furloughed January 25, 1864. Present on roll February through March 1864. Absent, sick with Colitis in Richmond Hospital on September 3, 1864.  Furloughed for 30 days on October 9, 1864. Commanding regiment on January 31, 1865. Resigned February 15, 1865. Stating that his usefulness in the regiment was destroyed by "petty contentions and jealousies." Resignation was accepted on February 2, 1865. After war was a resident of Scottsboro or Milledgeville, Georgia. Member of the Army and Navy Society, Maryland Line Association, 1894. Resident of Ysleta Texas.

Joseph T. Martin - Private in Company F. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Enlisted on October 12, 1862. Present on muster rolls March 31, 1864 through February 28, 1865. Captured at Hatcher's Run on April 1, 1865. Sent to Point Lookout and released on June 15, 1865. 5' 8", brown hair, grey eyes.

Alfred Francis Riddlemoser - Corporal in Company D. Born on November 23, 1833. Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Enlisted at Winchester, Virginia on October 11, 1862. Present May through June, 1863 on muster rolls. Captured at Monterey Pass, Pennsylvania on July 4, 1863. Sent to Fort Delaware. Transferred to Point Lookout. Exchanged on December 28, 1863, name canceled. Took oath at Fort Monroe on March 15, 1864. Transportation furnished to Baltimore. Died on January 23, 1923. Buried at St. John's Catholic Church Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland.

Joseph A. Riddlemoser - Private in Company H. Not on muster rolls. Died May 13, 1897. Buried in St. John's Catholic Church Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland. May be confused with John M. Riddlemoser (see below).

Joseph M. Riddlemoser (M.D.) - Private in Company H. A doctor in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Enlisted in Winchester, Virginia on October 11, 1862. Absent, sick at Mount Jackson Hospital on February 14, 1863. On muster rolls May through June, 1863. Captured at Cashtown, Pennsylvania on June 30, 1863. Sent to Fort McHenry. Transferred to Point Lookout. Sent to Chester, Pennsylvania Hospital with Pneumonia. Died there on August 28, 1863. Buried at Grave # 67 in Pittsfield National Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

John H. Septer - Private in Company D. Born on September 15, 1833. Enlisted at Winchester on October 11, 1862. Present on roll May through June, 1863. Wounded in action at Gettysburg on July 2 or 3, 1863. Wounded in groin. Captured July 5, 1863. Exchanged August 24, 1863. Issued clothing at Petersburg, Virginia on August 26, 1863. Admitted to Richmond Hospital on August 27, 1863. Received 30 day furlough on September 28, 1863 to October 28, 1863. Paid on February 3, 1864. Absent on leave for 7 days beginning on March 31, 1864. Received pay at Staunton on April 1, 1864. Present September through October, 1864 and January through February, 1865 muster rolls. Captured at Hatcher's Run on April 2, 1865. Sent to Point Lookout. Released June 19, 1865. 5' 8", fair complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes. Transportation furnished from Washington D.C. to Emmitsburg, Maryland on June 20, 1865. Took oath on August 18, 1865. Died on May 4, 1905. Buried at St. Mary's Catholic Church Cemetery in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery

Alonzo L. Barry - Joined the Clark Artillery under the command of Captain Robert G. Rankin. This battery was an unattached battery until the organization of the 1st North Carolina Heavy Artillery was formed on March 25, 1863. 1st Heavy Artillery Battalion was organized at Wilmington, North Carolina during the late spring of 1863 with four companies. Throughout the war it served in North Carolina and saw action at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. Major Alexander MacRae was in command.

Alonzo mustered into Service as a Corporal on July 5, 1862 for the duration of the war. On August 8, 1863 was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to  the newly formed Company D on January 13, 1864. During July and August of 1864 was reduced to private. Transferred to Company B, 3rd Battalion of light artillery  in September of 1864. Appointed as Bugler of this company and was accounted through December of 1864. Paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina May 1st, 1865.

North Carolina Sources state he was a resident of New Hanover County, North Carolina. Maryland resources state he was a resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland.

1st Stuart's Horse Artillery

John Francis Key - Enlisted on October 1, 186?, as a private at Martinsburg, Virginia. A resident of Carroll County (Keysville?), Maryland. Captured at Madison Court House on December 28, 1863. Sent to Point Lookout, Maryland, and exchanged on March of 1865. Paroled on April 27, 1865.

3rd Virginia Cavalry

John A. Palmer - Lieutenant, Company C. Age 27 and was a farmer. Field & Staff Enlisted on 5/20/61 at Black Walnut, Halifax, Virginia. Served as a Private and promoted to Sergeant Major in July of 1861. Detached to Regimental Quartermaster Department. Promoted to Acting Assistant Quartermaster in August of 1831. Promoted to Assistant Quartermaster in June of 1862. Detached to Brigade Quartermaster Department in February of 1865.

7th Virginia Cavalry

Joseph A. Cahill - Private in Company F. Born in Youngstown, Pennsylvania, circa 1839. Prewar law student. Enlisted at Winchester, Virginia on August 20, 1861. Present January through February, 1862, February 28 through July 1, 1862 on muster rolls, had no horse. Discharged in Orange, CH on August 20, 1862, term of service expired. Described as age 23,5'9", ruddy complexion, brown hair and light blue eyes, an attorney. Was in Lynchburg, Virginia on October 27, 1863, had been given a 60 day pass in Richmond to pass through Lynchburg.

Cahill intended to serve out his term in the Public Guard at Lynchburg, before joining Capt. H. W. Brewer's Co. This term expired on November 20, 1863. Cahill was arrested and charged with obtaining papers under false pretenses. Postwar lawyer and resident of Cumberland, Maryland. Entered Old Soldier's Home, Pikesville, Maryland on December 7, 1897, age 59. Died at the Old Soldier's Home, Pikesville, Maryland on October 31, 1902, age 64. Buried at Confederate Hill, Loudoun Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland. Brother of William H. Cahill.

William Henry Cahill - Private Company F. Field and Staff: Adjutant. Born in 1841. Prewar law student. Enlisted at Winchester, Virginia on August 20, 1861. Not stated if present or absent in Duffields, West Virginia on roll dated September 4, 1861, age 20, had no horse. Present January through February 1862 muster rolls.

Present on February 28 through July 1, 1862 muster rolls. Wounded near Harrisonburg on April 19, 1862, arm broken, using a CS horse. Absent on November through December, 1862 muster rolls. Right arm broken by enemy on April 19, 1862, unfit for duty. Absent, Regimental returned on November, 1862. Wounded and unfit for service since April 19, 1862. Absent, Regimental Return on December, 1862. Wounded and unfit for service. Admitted to CSA General Hospital, Charlottesville on March 17, 1863 with Anchylosis, right elbow.

Furloughed for 30days, July 8, 1863 through August 10, 1863. Adm. CSA Gen. Hosp., Charlottesville, 7/11/63, coun. Vulnus Sclopeticum. Furloughed 9/30/63. Detailed 10/3/63. Admitted to CSA General Hospital in Charlottesville on November 24, 1863 with Coun. Vulnus Sclopeticum. Clothing issued at General Hospital, Charlottesville, on December 18, 1863. Returned on January 9, 1864. Present on December 31, 1863 through March 31, 1864 muster rolls. Detailed as clerk for a Court Martial on February 25, 1864. Present on April 30, 1864 muster roll. Admitted to General Hospital No. 9, on June 9, 1864.  Transferred to Chimborazo Hospital on June 10, 1864. Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 2 on June 10, 1864 with Dysentery.

Detailed June 23, 1864. On detached duty, July 2, 1864. Returned on July 6, 1864. Absent on muster rolls July through August, 1864. Detailed to the Quarter Master Department at Richmond. With the QM General August 25, 1864. Clothing issued October 10, 1864 and October 13, 1864. Paroled as 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, 7th Virginia Cavalry at Montgomery, Alabama on May 16, 1865. Discharged at age ?, 5'8", light complexion, light hair and grey eyes. Post war resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland. Post war rosters show he went west. Admitted to the Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home. Died on December 6, 1914 at age 74. Buried at Confederate Hill, Loudoun Park Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland. Brother of Joseph A. Cahill.

Jacob "Jake" Motter - Born on March 2, 1914. Private, 7th Virginia Cavalry, Company G. Wounded during the war. Died on December 7, 1871. Buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Emmitsburg, Maryland.

10th Virginia Infantry

Samuel T. Walker - Lieutenant Colonel, 10th Virginia Infantry

17th Virginia Cavalry

Francis Luther Tracey -

15th South Carolina Artillery

Charles Aloysious Donnelly - Resident of Emmitsburg, Maryland as he is listed on the 1850 Census as being 13 years old. (His father Charles Sr. was a school teacher and a native of Ireland.) Charles lived in Emmitsburg until 1861 when he enlisted as a Private, Lucas' 15th South Carolina Heavy Artillery on April 6, 1861, in Co. C of the 15th at Castle Pinckney, which is located in Charleston Harbor.  Commanded by Major James L. Lucas and was engaged in the following battles: Capture of the U.S.S. Isaac Smith SC (January 30, 1863), Charleston Harbor (August through September, 1863). Confederate documents state he was a native of Baltimore was 24 years, 6 months at the time of his enlistment, a farmer by occupation, had hazel eyes, brown hair, and was 5 feet 8 3/4 inches tall.

Charles Donnelly also spelled his last name as Donley and Donnely. He has muster rolls for Nov.-Dec. 1862, Jan.-Feb, Mar.-Apr., May-June, Jul.-Aug., Sept.-Oct., Nov.-Dec., 1863, and Jan.-Feb. 1864. The muster roll for Mar.-Apr. 1863 states he was "Absent in confinement in Charleston jail". Both the  May-June and Jul.-Aug. 1863 muster rolls state he served as the company clerk. He served as a private throughout his time with the battalion. A typed card in his file states that on April 29, 1864, Donnelly transferred to the "Md. Line". His file also contains his five year enlistment in the Confederate Army.


Samuel Annan - Surgeon, Hospital West Point Georgia

Samuel Raberg - Assistant Surgeon 1st Maryland Infantry. Born in Baltimore was a graduate of Georgetown University and also a graduate of the University of (M.D.) Medical School 1860. M.D. Baltimore. Appointed on July 3, 1861. Ordered to Culpepper General Hospital on August 27, 1861. Later assigned to the Hospital at Lynchburg, Virginia. Assigned to Coosawhatchie, South Carolina Hospital on March 13, 1862. Resigned due to poor health at Atlanta, Georgia on August 22, 1862. Some sources state was a resident of Emmitsburg. No further record. Last name may be spelled Raborg.

Watson's Louisana Battery

Daniel Beltzhoover - Colonel Daniel Beltzhoover was a professor of mathematics at Mount Saint Mary's. He also commanded a commandant of the Mountain Cadets, and drilled them thoroughly on Eardin's and Casey's tactics. The Zouave Drill formed an important feature of their training. He was a classmate of General Grant at West Point. Before the Civil War he had fought in Florida and Mexico. He left three daughters, who are nuns, and himself lies buried on the Hill.

During the outbreak of the Civil War, Daniel Beltzhoover was given a commission in the Confederate Army as a Major serving in the 1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery and was promoted to lieutenant colonel on August 14, 1861. While in command of Watson's Battery, composed mostly of Southern college boys, John Devereux and others he met Grant in his first battle at Belmont, and succeeded in recapturing and taking his battery in safety from the field. He afterwards had charge of all the artillery in the defense of Mobile.

John Devereux - Lieutenant, Watson's La. Battery. Assisted in the first battle at Belmont in recapturing the battery and safety withdrawing it from the field.

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Editors Note: If your ancestor served in the Confederate Army (1861-1865) and you would like to contribute any copies of documentations such as war records, stories or photos, please contact me john@emmitsburg.net.