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Navy Chief Perry J. Wivell Retires
After 24 Years Service to his Country

Rachel P. Wivell

On Saturday, June 1st, 2002, approximately 70 family, friends and military joined in the retirement celebration for Navy Chief Perry J. Wivell who retired after 24+ years of active military duty. Chief Wivell is the son of Elsie M. Wivell and the late Albert F. Wivell and his immediate family includes wife, Kim, and sons, Donald & Kendall.

The celebration began with a Color Guard from USUHS, Bethesda, MD, presenting the colors to Chief Wivell and his family. The Color Guard consisted of four enlisted members representing the different branches of the service: Army, Navy and Air Force. (Representing one of the Air Force enlisted members was Staff Sgt. Todd Wivell, nephew of Chief Wivell.) Presentations were then made to Chief Wivell by several of the military who were present and also by Chief Wivell to his wife, sons and mother for their years of support while he served in the Navy.

In December of 1977, Perry decided to join the Navy and in May of 1978 he headed for basic training. After basic training he trained to be a Navy Builder in the Seabees. The Seabees are the part of the Navy that deal with construction and building and they serve their time on land as opposed to the sea.

During the years, Perry was stationed at many different locations around the world - sometimes with his family and sometimes on an isolated tour (without family). Some of his duty stations included: Diego Garcia (Indian Ocean); Rota, Spain; Bermuda; Sigonella, Sicily; Puerto Rico; Yap Island (Pacific Ocean); Souda Bay, Crete, Greece; Atsugi, Japan; Charleston, S.C.; Gulfport, MS and Norfolk, VA.

Chief Wivell retired from the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, and now resides in Emmitsburg.

Editors Note:  As a son of a career Naval Officer, and a former Naval Officer myself, I can truly appreciate the dedication it took to serve our country for 24 long years.  The toll it takes on families during long separation is enormous.  We all owe Perry a might thanks, and tip of the hat, for helping keep our country free.  Bravo Zulu Perry! Bravo Zulu!