Michael Hillman

Michael and his wife Audrey moved to Emmitsburg in 1988 from the Unionville horse country just outside of Philadelphia, purchasing a small tenant farm on the outskirts of town. Michael is practitioner in emerging field of Knowledge Management and accomplished equestrian. Audrey is Master Gardener and former Olympic equestrian team groom.

A contributor since 1995, Michael has chronicled the lighter side side of a city slicker trying to fix up an old farm. Through their diligent, albeit sometimes humorous efforts, Audrey and Michael have turned their farm into an equestrian and horticulture paradise.

When not riding or writing humorous articles, Michael serves as the head of the Emmitsburg Historical Society and frequently contributes articles detailing the rich history of the Emmitsburg area. And as if that is not enough, Michael's the creator and Web Master of Emmitsburg.net and The Book of Days.com 

List of articles written by Mike Hillman