Wanted for passing bad checks

Rasheen Pittman


Jean Pittman

These lying little fucks ripped us off for close to 300 bucks after we help them late at night after their car broke down - all the while, they keep saying 'praise be to Jesus for you help.' 

Jesus my ass - it's clear they never intend to pay their bill.

Rasheen father who lived in Hagerstowns refused to help her.  And when the pair called family in South Carolina - where they were headed for a funeral - everyone down there just laughed at them - that should have been a warning to me.

I helped them find a hotel room to stay in until morning when their car could get towed to a repair shop.  They paid for the repair with a bad check - swearing to 'almighty God' that it was good - only to call just after crossing the state line to tell me it was bad - "but hold it until the 15," Jean said, "I've get $5,000 a month in a structured annuity that will deposed that day." 

At that stage it was too late, as these fuckers were long gone - headed to that 'bible thumping get together with family where they would sing the praises of Jesus' - a Jesus apparently to them who thinks stealing and lying is perfectly fine.

So the check was held, but of course come the 15th, it was rejected by the back for insufficient funds.

When they were called and told the check had bounced, they made up all sorts of excuses and said they would head over immediately to a Western Union Office and wire the money - but of course they didn't.  After that, they refused to accept any more calls from us - figuring we simply just go away.

This people are nothing more then common thieves.  And so now you know.

Feel free to call them and tell them what you think of them passing bad checks.

Jean Pittman's phone number - 347-774-3363

Rasheen Pittman's phone number - 347-743-3930

Jean Pittman's driver's license - 6004868239817571109

Address:  1060 Schuyler St., Endicott, NY, 13760

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