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Michael Hillman - Creator, Content Integration and Knowledge Management

Michael and his wife Audrey moved to Emmitsburg in 1988 from the Unionville horse country just outside of Philadelphia, purchasing a small tenant farm on the outskirts of town.

Michael, a practitioner in the emerging field of Knowledge Management, created as a platform to identify and develop simple, yet effective approaches to facilitate the sharing of knowledge among diverse communities of interest. 

An accomplished equestrian, when not riding or writing humorous articles on life on the farm, Michael serves as the head of the Emmitsburg Historical Society and frequently contributes articles detailing the rich history of the Emmitsburg area.  You can contact him at

John Miller - Assistant Web Master

John Miller was born and raised in the town of Ladiesburg, Maryland and after marrying his wife Alicia, they moved to the charming town of Emmitsburg in April of 1997 where their son, Marshall was born. John is a military historian who focuses mainly on the Civil War. John and Alicia are both active members of the Emmitsburg Historical Society. 

As assistant web master he is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the historical society sections of the site.  Specific responsibilities included creating hyperlinked, knowledge pathways to allow visitors to seamlessly jump internally from article to article, conducting training of community members on web site operations, and site redesign to incorporate latest web technologies. You can contact him at