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Gateway to the Mountains

George Wireman


A vigorous and growing community such as ours must preserve its historic heritage and pass it on to succeeding generations. This heritage tells the story of the growth of Thurmont (now over 216 years old), its trials, its accomplishments, and goals. It provides the key to understanding the present and planning wisely for the future. How well we safeguard and interpret this priceless legacy will determine the kind of community we shall have tomorrow.

In the writing of books there are many motives. Some are writ-ten only to entertain, some to inform, some to educate, and still others to persuade. This volume is written for the purpose of pre-serving important and historic data for future generations.

"Gateway To The Mountains" is not offered as a serious historical work, though the author has striven for accuracy as to the names and dates occurring in the descriptions herein. The author's intent has been to gather the more important happenings, events, and characters of this community; put them into brief readable form and to add a number of illustrations and photographs so as to fix their locality and help to impress them on the memory.

Main Street, Looking West

Thurmont, unfortunately, has never been given the attention she justly deserves by the writers of history. In fact it might be said that in the early days of this little community, the pioneers and early settlers seemed to be more concerned about making history rather than recording it for future generations. Consequently, there are scores of our citizens who are ignorant of much of this community's past and unacquainted with the many activities found within the corporation limits and surrounding areas.

These pages, it is hoped, will prove a source of enlightenment along these lines and lead to a keener appreciation of the many at-tractions and the contributions which Thurmont has made to society, our nation, and the world.

It is no small task to get into tangible form the historic data of a community that is over 216 years old. Due to incomplete records and conflicting historical data, there may occur errors, mistakes and omissions which is not meant to be intentional.

"Gateway To The Mountains" is a true story of achievement and invention as well as a story of marked progress by the many citizens who helped to build this historic little community, nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Catoctin Mountains of Western Maryland.

This Book is dedicated to
 my grandchildren
Brenda Lynnette Digilarmo
Jeffrey Paul Brown
future citizens of Thurmont

Index of Chapters

If you have any information or historical news clippings on events in the Thurmont Area, Please send them to us so we can included them in our archives. E-mail us at: history@mythurmont.net