Emmitsburg Council of Churches


A Plea For Peace

I grew up in the historic town of Brookeville, Maryland where President Madison fled during the war of 1812. Now I am a five year resident of beautiful historic Gettysburg, PA. 

Thinking back to my growing up years I know that I experienced a wonderful childhood with one exception, something was going on in those formative years of the early 70's that I barely understood; I could not have explained it then, but I knew that it was terrible and terrifying. I never realized that the Vietnam War had traumatized my childhood until a few years ago (I am now 42), when some of the movies began to replay all of the horror of that War, let alone so many others.

The scenes of young American men machine gunning other young men in a far away place for unknown reasons was not only frightening, but it cast a shadow over our land and over the lives of untold millions of people around the world.

I had such great hopes for our country during the Kennedy Administration when the Space program began and again during the Carter Administration when America was dreaming of energy independence and sound conservation of her precious resources. Now I know that the world is a different place than it was 30 years ago, but I would like to hope that we are moving to a better future for our people and all people in the world. War is no longer a valid response for any civilization.

I respectfully ask that our elected officials would speak out for peace and vote on behalf of the innocent and for global civility. Please allow diplomacy to reign as fully and as vigorously as possible.

The United States must not become a rogue state that acts aggressively against the judgements of the rest of the world. Our human capacity for communication and persuasion is much greater than dropping bombs and destroying our supposed enemies at the push of a few buttons from a ship far away.

My nephew is one of those all American boys in our United States Navy. I know that he will proudly and efficiently serve our country in whatever way he is commanded. But as a citizen and as an uncle, I call on our government to do everything in its capacity to prevent this war with Iraq.

Thank you for considering this plea for peace.

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