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Pretend Messages from a Pretend Prophetess

Flagrante Delicto

Debunking the August 2008 Pretend Message

As we noted in our debunking of the July pretend message, Gianna Sullivan's ability to issue her rambling dribblings allegedly given to her by Mary, the Blessed Mother, unchallenged is over.

The August pretend message clearly displays Gianna's Modus Operandi - which is to stick her foot in her mouth, and then when the troops get upset, to take refuge in pious platitudes for a few months, waiting for the storm to blow over. Her latest 'foot in mouth' prophecy, issued in June, about the Earth getting smacked by another cosmic body, is straight out of a B-rated science fiction movie.

The list of Gianna's 'foot in mouth' prophecies is rather long, but a few of the more notable ones she had to 'duck and cover from' include her pretend message of July 13th, 2000, when Our Lady of Emmitsburg (OLOE) got all bombastic about having personally brought the leaders of the Jewish and Arab worlds, as well as Catholic and Orthodox leaders to the "Center of My Immaculate Heart." She was going to defeat Satan on his "own turf."

When the validity of the July 13th message and veracity of the messenger were called into question, the following week, July 20th, Gianna issued another pretend message in which OLOE was all concerned that her followers are "scattering like frightened sheep." On July 27th, she was still being defensive. In an apparent hope to shift attention away from the scrutiny she was getting, on August 3rd, Gianna's pretend message was nothing more than waxing poetic about the beauties of childhood. Gianna's August 10th message was devoted to a lecture on how we should always try to be nice to people, even when they are not nice to us.

On February 5th, 2006, Gianna's pretend message has Mary accusing the Archdiocese of lying when they said Rome had okayed their negative verdict of OLOE. On Feb. 11th, Gianna has Mary reaffirming that Rome never said anything about OLOE.

But when the Archdiocese released the actual letter they had sent to Gianna, refuting Gianna's claim, which caused area Catholics to ponder the authenticity of the apparitions, and some to claim that a fraud has been exposed, Gianna's next pretend message on March 5th, failed to address the misrepresentation of the facts; instead, OLOE is presented as only caring about getting everybody to be pure and holy. And once again, the following month's message, April 2006, Gianna reported that OLOE only offered pious fluff.

With this Modus Operands in mind, lets look at the August 3, 2008 Pretend Message from a Pretended Prophetess ...

“Public Message Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World through Gianna Sullivan
(Or so she claims!)

Italicized comments sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island

Dear little children, praised be Jesus! Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a delusional trip, that started with a whopping lie aboard this tiny ship…

Little children, I love you. I thank for your prayers. You are always protected within my most Immaculate Heart. The prophetess was was a weaseling one, the organizer cunning and shrewd.  Four hundred followers sold their souls away, for a two hour show, a two hour show...

My dear little ones, the Providence of God would have it that in the time of need and when the end times come, God will come to your aid as He promised the patriarch Abraham that many descendents would be gathered through the seed of faith. Classic siege mentality stuff. The real message here is: 'if you stick with me and ignore those trying to confuse you with facts, you'll be saved from whatever is to come ... Great money making stuff here!

Be at peace, and know how important prayer is! It nurtures your soul. Back to the Gilligan's Island theme... The critics started getting rough, the tiny cult was tossed. If not for the courage of the Cult Watch crew, her followers would be lost; the followers would be lost...

Like the Magi who followed the star in obedience and adored the child, now you too in obedience, be the humble servants of the Light of God. Be honest and kind, not bearing false witness against your brothers. Always adore Jesus, and remember the promises given to Abraham. What???? This sounds like it's an attempt at a shot across our bow regarding our ongoing debunking of Gianna's pretend messages ... we've got news for you Gianna, we're not bearing false witness, but letting the facts speak for themselves.  Worse, we've only just begun debunking ... stay tuned, we've got some dynamite material we're about to release... Like Stealing for Jesus

You are precious when you are pure, and that choice is yours! The activities of the cult was revealed on (Sorry we can't come up with anything that rhymes with desert island), with Gianna (the failed Movie Star) and the rest, here on OLOE's island!.

I love you, and I bless you abundantly in thanksgiving to God the Father Who has allowed me to be with you. I take all of your petitions to the Most Blessed Trinity. Thank you for your prayer and your fidelity to God-always! Hum ... it looks like we've run out of the theme song before we finished with her pious fluff...

Safety is within; Peace is within; because when Jesus is within, you are one with Him as He is One with His Father. And there you have Union with the Holy Trinity. And yet even more pious fluff. God I wish there were more words to the theme song! 

Thank you for responding to my call. Call? Call? What call? Given that the OLOE cult relies almost exclusively on the Internet to poison the minds of her followers with with rambling dribbling, you think OLOE would at least be contacting everyone via e-mail!

(As She did during last month's July 13 public apparition, Our Lady again moved to Gianna's right, back to center and then to the left, as Gianna's eyes panned the entire room. Our Lady also hovered over the 30 children sitting on the floor to the right and left of Gianna. Never before had so many young children been present. Brilliantly colored rays of graces flowed from Our Lady's hands onto the entire crowd, and Gianna's ecstatic smile reflected both her own joy and that of Our Lady. The crowd present was the largest ever!) That's not what we heard! But given the messages are being pulled out of thin air, why stop there when you call pull out of thin air the number of people who showed up! On the other hand, web site statistics don't lie, and since we began our cult watch the number of people logging in to read our latest posting has now grown to over 400 people a day ...

Lets see, in June it was claimed that 700 people witnessed the apparition. But we're getting ... Umm, 400 times 30 of 12,000 people reading our rebuttals. So we win!

Yea for us!

Ok, one more time ... Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale. A tale of a delusional trip, that started with a whopping lie aboard this tiny ship…

All humor aside, as we noted earlier, after sticking her foot in her mouth in June, Gianna has returned to her tried and true Modus Operandi - which is to take refuge in pious platitudes for a few months, waiting for the storm to blow over.  We've got news for her ... we're not going to let it blow over.  In fact, we're only just warring up!

For those interested in cashing in on the Marian apparitions fad, we've been working on a how to article.  But we're not quite done with it yet.  In the meantime, we thought you would enjoy this suggested path submitted to us by one of our readers!

Three simple steps to creating your own pretended message

A. OLOE is ...

  1. ticked
  2. impatient
  3. happy
  4. high on cocaine

B. People have been ...

  1. Too busy for her.
  2. Spending too much time at the beach.
  3. Spending all their time in church.
  4. Turning into jack-rabbits.

C. She wants ...

  1. lots of fasting
  2. groveling
  3. everybody clap their hands
  4. chill out

.... Pick and choose ...

"No one can go off and start up his own church and call it Roman Catholic."

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