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Message From Woman Stirs Up Controversy

Kaitlin McCarthy
NBC 25 News

(6/26) An article written by a member of Emmitsburg's religious community is causing a lot of controversy.

End_of_the_World732008-06-26-1214520541.jpgSome are taking it as an "end of the world" prophecy and say it could have dangerous consequences. Gianna sullivan has made news before for claiming to have visions and hear messages from the Virgin Mary. But now, some are worried she is predicting the end of the world.

Michael Hillman runs . He's troubled by Sullivan's latest statement. "That to me is an end of the world prophecy, and I can't find any other way to read it than that," said Hillman.

Hillman points to a section that says "this is a time of change." One part reads another body in orbit in the solar system will cause devastation, killing nearly the entire world's population.

 "You’ve crossed the line into predicting gloom and doom," said Hillman.

Sullivan's former pastor also believes the article is about the world ending.

"People throughout history have taught these things; that the end of the world is coming and you know what? Those people have come and gone and the world is still here," said Vincent O’Malley, St. Joseph’s Church.

Gianna Sullivan is known for claming to have visions and hear messages from the Virgin Mary. So, is she predicting the end of the world?

She wouldn't talk to NBC25, but her husband did. He said the article is about change and not impending doom.

"The archdiocese has investigated it, at the highest levels and Rome, with the best and brightest minds, and they had said there is nothing spiritual going on," said O’Malley.

End_of_the_World752008-06-26-1214520585.jpg"Each reader is free to draw their conclusions about what the statement means," said Hillman.

"I think it already distorts the truth because you have all these people who are following this woman instead of following the wisdom of the Catholic Church," said O’Malley.

Sullivan also founded "Mission of Mercy," an organization that gives medical care to the needy. The executive director said they have no comment on the matter because they are a separate entity from Sullivan as a person.

"People who expect the world as it is to end soon
 do a lot of very strange things."

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