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An Insider's Perspective of the
Our lady of Emmitsburg Cult - Take 2

Read x-followers Gordon and Murf Fath inside Perspective on the Our lady of Emmitsburg Cult

Another X-Follower of Gianna Writes:

"My husband, Richard, and I were closely associated with Michael and Joan Marie (Gianna) Sullivan for approximately 5 years. Richard was a volunteer driver for Mission of Mercy, an usher at the Thursday night services. Together we initiated and ran the first through third annual MOM golf tournaments. The third tournament took place just 3 weeks after my husband had triple by-pass surgery but he made it there to start the day and went back for the finish. For years, in our home, we hosted the bulk mailings for MOM. I willingly and happily was a volunteer baby-sitter for the Sullivans’ daughter.

We were members of the couple’s prayer group which Mrs. Sullivan sponsored As a result of our close association with the alleged visionary, we discerned that we could no longer support the alleged visions. Because of this, my husband holds the dubious distinction of being the first volunteer MOM driver to be fired. Actually, I was cast aside before he was. Prior to these actions, we had left the couple’s prayer group and my husband no longer served as Head Usher on Thursdays.

I want it to be known that if either of the Sullivans ever again malign our pastor, Fr. Vincent O‘Malley, or any other faithful dissenters, I will make public everything I know about them that transpired during our association. They, particularly Mrs. Sullivan, will be aware of one incident I will reveal despite any threats she made or promise she coerced from me.

Maureen Kidwell"

"No one can go off and start up his own church and call it Roman Catholic."

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