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Loons Vs Loons

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Editor's Note: The other night I got curious to see if pretended visionaries ever went after each other ... needless to say, it didn't take long to for good to answer that question .... I have no idea who Mary Louise is, but apparently Mary is telling her something complete different then what she is telling Gianna ...

Mary Louise's tirade from Mary is rather long, and as this site is only focused on the Our Lady of Emmitsburg pretended prophetess, we extracted only the section applicable to her, to read the full article click here.

November 23, 2010

+Spoken to Mary Louise, humbly obeying and posting this as requested by the Mother of God, 11/23/2010

Anyone making money off any apparitions they claim, any visions, any false prophets, these are those that are damned. Not a dime should ever be taken for profit, nor anything of any money ever to be asked or kept by any supposed visionary for private use, other than the approved apparitions that are truly of Me, of My Son, for building Chapels where souls can pray for the true apparitions I have appeared at to give them truths of My Son, these approved apparitions not contrived by any but validly approved by the Church, for My, for My Sonís reign.

Those claiming after visiting Medjugorje that they are to then move to another location near a legitimate Shrine or endorsed area of legitimate devotion to Me or to My Son, or some saint, in order to have apparitions begin that are told them when they are in Medjugorje, any traveling to Medjugorje claiming messages or apparitions are fraudulent, My daughter, they are to be steered away from all established Shrines and devotional areas, and leave any to which they have moved claiming such false claims that are attributed to the false apparitions or visions of Medjugorje or visits there.

These are liars, My daughter, there are many that will have grave judgements and see themselves in hell for their lies, for not renouncing them because they have built a cult following, a sect, or idolatry of them as if saints, when they are not, they are damned. Any speaking publicly when told by the local bishop or Church authority that they are not valid, not allowed to, any defying the bishops and authority of the Church are to be exposes as frauds, these are damned.

Gianna Talone Sullivan was misled by attending apparitions at Medjugorje against the local bishopís judgement and declaration, finding priests guilty of mortal sins and accosting women, and these priests have since been defrocked or pronounced against by Judgement of the Church, by the Vatican and the Holy Father, and stripped of priestly faculties. Gianna Talone Sullivan has been discredited, was judged validly against because her idolatry and her claims were and are false, her image of Me is completely false, My daughter, this is satan attacking an area that was always humbly devoted to Me, and instead idolatry of Gianna Talone Sullivan and idolatry of her false apparitions and visions grew, which the Church justly condemned. The Holy Father and Vatican have pronounced judgement against her, rightly, and those that moved to the area where she relocated will be greatly mistaken when My Sonís wrath burns the entire area in His Justice, for the idolatry and wealth and adultery that has crept into that area, the increasing worldliness that began with Gianna Talone Sullivan and her false revelations, false followers, mocking humility, mocking the unworldly, seeking status, seeking worldly idolatry and idolatry of the Church, these are among the damned.

She is to move from the Emmitsburg area and return to Arizona from where she originated. The priest of her original prayer group there and that group has rightly been discredited years ago by the local bishop, and Church, and it is Gianna Talone Sullivanís salvation to remove herself from Emmitsburg, to allow the area to heal from the division she caused, to allow Me and the humility of My Immaculate Heart to heal that area that she so gravely attacked, that almost destroyed true devotion to Me, My daughter, by idolatry of her, the false apparitions, the lies that began, to allow Me as the Mother of God to heal what is left before they are removed, the area burned in My Sonís wrath, nothing of idolatry or those of idolatry, nor any government officials nor locations there, to remain. No one of any false apparitions, false visionaries, false stigmatists, frauds, My daughter, not any of these to reign.

Gianna Talone Sullivan must remain removed all contact with pilgrims, must end all distribution of her books, and end the distribution of the false image that she claims of Me when it is not Mine, My daughter, if she wants her true salvation. She must live without any contact with pilgrims in penance and prayer. She must return to Arizona, living as stated, or she is damned. She is damned for the mass number of souls damned by idolatry of her, following her false apparitions, and following what is mockery of Me, of My Son, of My and My Sonís reign. She cannot live in wealth or luxury feeding idolatry or lies of apparitions to souls, mocking My Son, mocking His reign. She would have been better off never attending the false apparitions of Medjugorje than destroying her soul and the souls of any in idolatry of her. No one is to move to Emmitsburg, it will be destroyed by My Sonís wrath for the luxury around it, the spiritual pride, the sodomy of the presidents that have used Camp David for sodomy and trysts, and for adultery as Bush did so many times. The overpowering wealth of the cities around it are costing the area its humble foundations as those of wealth believe they can hide their sins and idolatry of self and the world by moving to Emmitsburg and claiming association with Gianna at any time. No association with Gianna is of any salvation. Only true worship of My Son, true devotion to Me, My daughter, no idolatry of or worship of false visionaries, false stigmatists, false apparitions, are any means of salvation at any time. Ever. This is pronounced by the Church;, not a single belief in any apparitions of Mine that are valid and recognized by the Church is ever a condition for salvation. Those idolizing Gianna Talone Sullivan, any idolizing her, seeking her for salvation, these idolizing her are damned.

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