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William's History of Frederick County

Nicholas Cronon Stansbury

Nicholas Cronon Stansbury was owner of "Alta Vista," in Emmitsburg District, Frederick County, Md., son of Nicholas and Amelia (Phillips) Stansbury, was born on a farm in Middleburg District, Carroll County, Md., May 6, 1843.

The Stansbury family is of English descent. Four brothers of that name came from England and settled, it is supposed, in Frederick County, Md. Abraham Stansbury, grandfather of Nicholas C. Stansbury, lived in Carroll County, Md. He afterwards removed to Frederick County, and spent the remainder of his life in Emmitsburg district, on a farm now owned by George A. Ohler.

Mr. Stansburyís father. Nicholas Stansbury, was born near Manchester, Carroll County, Md., in 1810. He received his education in the public schools of Carroll County. Soon after his marriage. Mr. Stansbury removed to Middleburg district where he famed until 1851, when he returned to Emmitsburg district, and purchased a farm of 225 acres, now owned by John B. Stoner. After his wifeís death, Mr. Stansbury moved to a place near Thurmont, Md. He was a Republican. Nicholas Stansbury was married to Amelia, daughter of John Phillips, who was born in 1814. Her parents died when she was a child, and she grew up in the home of Colonel Noah Phillips then living at Woodsboro, Md. Colonel Phillips was an officer in the War of 1812.

Nicholas C. Stansbury was a child when his parents removed to Emmitsburg district, Frederick County. He grew up on his fathers farm and was educated in the public schools of the district. After teaching for a short while in the public schools of Frederick County, Mr. Stausbury returned to the home farm, and worked for his father until he was twenty-five, when he began farming for himself. He rented places in various parts of the county until 1888, when he bought his present farm, "Alta Vista," a place of 112 acres. Mr. Stansbury built the barn in the summer of 1889. He has put up all the buildings on the place except the house, which was erected by Abiah Martin in 1863. He is a stanch Republican, active in public affairs and was elected county commissioner of Frederick County, in 1881.

Mr. Stansbury is one of the founders of Tomís Creek M. E. Church. He is a member of the board of trustees, and has been recording steward for many years. He is also a member of the board of trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Emmitsburg.

Noah Stansbury

Noah Stansbury was a wheelwright and blacksmith, son of Nicholas and Amelia (Phillips) Stansbury, was born on a farm in Middleburg District, Carroll County, Md.. June 4, 1845.

Noah P. Stansbury was seven years old when his parents removed to what is now the John P. Stoner farm, in Emmitsburg district, Frederick County, Md. He attended the public school at Stony Branch, near his home beginning his school-days under Samuel Davis. When he was seventeen, Mr. Stansbury left school and learned blacksmithing with Thomas Barton in the smithy which he now owns. After serving an apprenticeship of two years, he worked as a journeyman with Mr. Barton from whom he afterwards purchased the business. He became a wheelwright and, for a long time, had an extensive trade in both branches of bus-mess; in recent years, his business has not been so large. He has a beautiful borne and forty acres of land which he cultivates himself. Mr. Stansbury is a Republican, interested in all that concerns the prosperity of the county.

Noah Phillips Stansbury was married in 1868 to Sarah, daughter of Thomas Barton, deceased. Their children are: 1, Etta A. (Mrs. George Warren), resides near Fairfield, Pa.; 2, Bertha B., at home; 3, Edna B, at home. Mr. Stansbury and his wife are members of Tomís Creek Methodist Episcopal Church. He is one of the trustees of the church.

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