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William's History of Frederick County

George Thomas Marshall Martin

A well known farmer of Emmitsburg district, Frederick County, Md., son of Abiah and Sophia (Kerns) Martin, was born at the homestead in 1841.

Mr. Martinís grandfather, John Martin, ownedí and cultivated the farm now occupied by N. C. Stansbury. He was a blacksmith and had his smithy on the farm. he was married to Sophia Currens. Their children are: I, Joseph: 2, Abiab; 3.. George; 4, Barbara (Mrs. William Black); 5, Elizabeth (Mrs. Samuel Valentine).

It is supposed that Abiah Martin, Mr. Martinís father, was born at the homestead, where he spent his childhood and youth. He learned blacksmithing with his father at the homestead.

After he married he moved to Adams County, Pa.; later he moved to a farm on Beaver Branch, and, for a time, worked at the trade just over the line, in Adams County, Pa. After his marriage, Mr. Martin purchased a farm lying along Beaver Branch, in Emmitsburg District, Frederick County. Md., which he cultivated until the time of his death. Abiab Martin was married to Sophia Currens, who lived near Taneytown, Md. Their children are: 1, George Thomas Marshall; 2, James P., married Margaret Bollinger, resides near Thurmont; 3. Mary (Mrs. William Smith), deceased : 4, Harvey, resides near Hagerstown, Md., married Annie Smith; 5, John, deceased, married Virginia Lohr. Abiab Martin died at his homestead in 1880, aged seventy-one; his widow died in 1889. aged sixty-nine.

George T. Martin grew up on the home farm on Beaver Creek, and attended the public school, the so-called "Mud College," of his native district. The son of a farmer, he devoted his life to the cultivation of the soil and, after his marriage, began farming for himself o what is now the N. C. Stansbury place. Three years later, he moved to a farm in Emmitsburg district, the property of Mr. Whitmore, which he cultivated until the time of his death. M Martin was a stanch Democrat.

George Thomas Marshall Martin was married November 3, 1863, to Mary Ellen, daughter of David and Rebecca (Johnson) Whitmore. Their children are: 1, Coins (Mrs. Qrayson Weltv), resides near Mount Morris, Ill., has five children. Mary M., deceased, Howard, deceased, V. Rebecca. Eva and Murray; 2, Adelia Bruce, (Mrs. Oliver Eyler), of Hagerstown, Md., has five children, George Allen, Murray B., Mary Veda Grace. Hazel Rebecca, and Luella Catherine: 3, Howard K., married Minnie Liarhauch, has five children, Morris, Joseph, Mary Rachel, David H., deceased, and , deceased; 4. Nevin, on the home farm, married Phoebe Eigenbrode; one son, George; 5, Grace R. (Mrs. John Baumgardner), of Emmitsburg district, has six children, Addie Ruth, Edith Grace, Raymond Earl, Marian, George M., and John Lester; 6, Russell, died, aged four, 7, Murray, is married to Mary McPentz, one little son, Joseph Pentz. Mr. Martin was a member of the Reformed church in Emmitsburg. He died on the home farm, October 14, 1884, and is buried in Mountain View cemetery in Emmitsburg, Md.

Benjamin Whitmore, the founder of the family in America, came, it is said from Germany, but, if the name is spelled correctly, the family is certainly of English descent. Mr. Whitmore was a poor man, and settled on the farm in Frederick County, on which Mrs. G. T. M. Martin now resides. This place has been in the family ever since Benjamin Whitmore came to America. Each generation has improved and added to the land until it now contains 160 acres of fertile land in excellent condition. Abraham Whitmore succeeded his father in 18-.

He was married to Elizabeth Yerty. Some of their children are: 1, Christian; 2, Benjamin; 3, David; 4, Mary (Mrs. Henry Martin), moved to Geneseo, N. Y. They visit-ed their old home making the trip in their wagon. An amusing incident of this ride is frequently related. They said that in their country they had no flies while in Frederick County, the flies annoyed their horses to such an extent that they were obliged to buy nets. Christian Whitmore, grandfather of Mrs. Martin, spent his life on the home farm. He was married to Elizabeth Sheely. Their children are: 1, Abraham, died in youth; 2, Simon; 3, Joseph; 4. David; 5, Ephraim; 6, Levi; 7. Frederick; 8, Barbara.

Mrs. Martinís father, David Whitmore, also spent his whole life on the home farm. He was married to Rebecca Johnson. Their only child is Mary Ellen (Mrs. G. T. M. Martin). David Whitmore and his wife were members of the Reformed Church. He died at the homestead, May 3, 1889, aged 79 years. His widow died at the same place, February, 1906, in her ninetieth year.

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