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William's History of Frederick County

Rev. Aaron Gluck

Rev. Aaron Manns Gluck, pastor of the Reformed Church of the Incarnation, Emmitsburg, Frederick County, Md., son of Henry and Anna Margaret (Manns) Gluck, was born in Markes, Franklin County, Pa., June 9, 1877.

The parents of the Rev. Mr. Gluck, Henry Gluck and Anna Margaret Manns, then unmarried, left Heibach, Hesse, Germany for the United States in a party of three hundred emigrants who took passage in time sailing vessel Julies, bound for Baltimore, Md., where they landed, November 27, 1855, after a tedious voyage of forty-two days. After spending one night on board the ship, they started for Chambersburg, Pa., where they arrived in the evening of November 28.

Here they found a home with Mr. John Seibert from whose house they were soon after married. In the following spring, Mr. Gluck went about fifteen miles into the northwestern part of the county and hired himself as a farm laborer to Mr. McLowell for four dollars a month. Two years after this, he began farming for himself, renting one of the McDowell farms. Mr. Gluck continued renting until he had saved enough to purchase a home of his own. On this place, situated near Markes. Pa., his wife died, June 26, 1898. Mr. Cluck has retired from active life and resides in Shippensburg, Pa. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Gluck, of whom the subject of our sketch is the youngest.

Aaron Manns Gluck grew up on his fatherís farm near Markes, Pa. He remained at home working with his father and attending the village school until he reached his seventeenth year when he entered Mercersburg Academy. He graduated from that institution in 1896 and, in the autumn of the same year, entered Franklin and Marshall College, graduating in the class of 1900. After completing a three years' course in the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Church at Lancaster, Pa., Mr. Gluck graduated May 14, 1903, and was received into the ministry of the Reformed Church at Emmitsburg, Md., October 1, 1903. In November of the same year he was ordained and installed as pastor of the church of the Incarnation, Emmitsburg, Md., by a committee appointed by the Classis of Maryland. The Rev. Mr. Gluck has contributed many interesting articles to the periodicals of the Reformed Church. Although he is a member of an old Democratic family, Mr. Gluck is independent in politics.

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