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William's History of Frederick County

George Washington Miller

George Washington Miller, a successful farmer of Emmitsburg District, Frederick County, Md., son of John A. and Amelia Ann (Eyler) Miller, was born on a farm on the Sabillasville road, near Emmitsburg, Md., September 12, 1847. Colonel John A. Miller, grandfather of G. W: Miller, spent his whole life in Hauvers district. He was an officer in the War of 1812. He was married to Miss McLane. Their children are: William, Hiram, John, Washington, Annie, Susan, Elizabeth.

Mr. Millerís father, John A. Miller, of Frederick County, was a plasterer and contractor. He was a Democrat. and was actively interested in the affairs of the county. John A. Miller was married to Amelia Ann Eyler, a native of Frederick County. Their children are: 1, George Washington; 2, Christopher Columbus, of Emmitsburg district, married Miss Eyler; 3, William A., of Emmitsburg district, married Miss Kipe; 4. Sarah Ann (Mrs. John Furney), of Thurmont district, Frederick County. Mr. Miller died in 1878, aged sixty-one. His wife was a member of the Reformed Church; she died in 1885, aged fifty-one.

George W. Miller grew up on his fatherís farm and devoted his life to the cultivation of the soil. He attended the public school at Friends Creek during the winter months; until he was nineteen. When he was twenty-six, Mr. Miller left home and began farming on the shares, on the Andrew Annan farm, where he remained for twenty-eight rears. He was honest. frugal and industrious and by 1905, he had saved enough to purchase his present home. When Mr. Miller bought the place, from Lewis Motter, it was in poor condition. 

In a few years he had changed the whole aspect of the place, amply justifying the adoption of its new name, ""Fair View"" farm. The buildings have been repaired and painted, and the fences remade. He has 163 acres of very productive land, and everything is in prime order. He is a successful business man and has earned the name of one of the best farmers in the district. Mr. Miller is a Democrat, interested in public affairs.

George W. Miller was married, September 9, 1875, to Emma J., daughter of Harry and Martha (Young) Harbaugh, of Emmitsburg district. Their children are: 1, Helen Gertrude, born June 12, 1876, at home; 2. Anna Belle, born August 4, 1878, widow of Stewart Sites, who died, January 27, 1907, has twin children, Roanna Grace, and Stewart Frederick Washington; 3, Elmer Vernon, born December 26, 1879, died February 17, 1889; 4, Erma Adella, born July 15, 1881, at home; 5, Edgar Allen, born April 14, 1883, at home; 6, Maud Mauzella, born September 5, 1885; 7, George Helman, born August 31, 1888; 8, Emma Etta, born March 23, 1892; 9, Ora Grace, born June 20, 1894; 10, Harvey Ernest, born March 3, 1896. Mr. Miller and his wife are members of the Reformed Church in Emmitsburg, in which he has been a deacon and elder; for the past 21 years he has held the office of elder.

Mrs. Millerís father, Harry Harbaugh, was born in 1800, in Hauversí District, Frederick County, Aid., and spent his whole life in farming. Harry Harbaugh was married to Martha Young, who was born at Germantown, Frederick County. Their children are: 1, Savilla (Mrs. Israel Belier); 2, Celia Ann (Mrs. John C. Eyler); 3, Mary I., deceased; 4. Catherine (Mrs. William Smith) ; 5, Ann Maria, deceased; 6, George, deceased, married Susan Troxell; 7, Delilah (Airs. George N. Jacobs); 8, John Henry; 10, William; 11, Emma J. (Mrs. George W. Miller; 12, Manzella (Mrs. Peter Roddy), of Florida. Mr. Harbaugh died, in 1871, in Eylerís Valley.

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Editors Note: The following additional information on the Miller family was provide by S. Cannon:

John and Amelia are buried together at the St. John's United Church of Christ, in Sabillasville. Amelia was born in 1824 in Pennsylvania, where her parents were also born. This was found in the 1880 census info for Emmitsburg.

Col. John A. Miller married a Mary McClain. She went by the name Pollie. They are also buried together at the same church in Sabillasville. Mary's tombstone says Pollie Miller.

Col. John A. Miller's two daughters, Anna and Elizabeth are also buried in Sabillasville with their husbands. Anna (Annie) married Richard Wagaman and had six children. I have been in contact with a member of the Wagaman family and she has agreed to help me find where the original farms were located next time I can make the trip up there. Elizabeth married George Kipe. They had 5 children. One of those children, Mary Kathryn Kipe married her first cousin, son of John Miller and Amelia, William Miller of Emmitsburg. They are also buried in Sabillasville.

Christopher Columbus Miller, brother of George W., married Jane Eyler. They are buried in the Emmitsburg cemetery located by where Rutters was. They had seven children:

  1. Emma Miller married Charles Wills. This line leads to the Ridenours that currently live around Emmitsburg.
  2. Elizabeth Miller married Ananiase Turner.
  3. Fannie Miller married a Moser and a 2nd marriage to a Harbaugh.
  4. Ida Miller married John Ott.
  5. John Miller
  6. Charles Pete Miller
  7. Irvin William Miller married Mary Hartdagen. They are buried by the Provincial house on South Seton. They had 11 children, one of them being my sons grandfather. Most have passed away. All are buried in various cemeteries around Emmitsburg. My son's grandfather, Brooke Miller married into the Kaas family, linking us to the Orndorfs as well.

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