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Millard F. Shuff

Originally published in the 1951 Pictorial History of Emmitsburg

Mr. Shull has the fortunate honor of being the healthiest and best preserved old man of Emmitsburg. His youthful vigor and mental acumen makes him appear as a man of 62 instead of 92, and places him in the category of being the youngest old man in Emmitsburg. He, likewise, has the honor of being the oldest member of the local Lutheran Church.

Born on November 2, 1859 in the neighboring community of Graceham, he comes as near as anyone to being a self-made man. For his mother died when he was three years old and he had to go to work at the age of 10.

He came to Emmitsburg on Sept. 1, 1879 and established a furniture and undertaking business, a predecessor of the Allisons in the same building. Here he served in this successful business for 55 years until his retirement. He has lived at his present residence on West Main Street for 67 years.

In 1884 he married Helen Zeck, with whom he lived happily for 50 years, until her death 17 years ago. To him were born eight children, six of whom are still living.

During Mr. Shuff's 72 years' residence in town, he has been one of the most active and useful citizens of the community. He is president of the Farmers State Bank, which position he has filled for the past 25 years, after having served as vice president for five years.

He has served as Burgess of Emmitsburg for so many terms that he has lost count of the number. For many years, also, he served on the Town Board. He is one of Emmitsburg's best examples of the Poet Robert Browning's beautiful declaration: "Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be."

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