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George Armenius Ohler

Originally published in the 1951 Pictorial History of Emmitsburg

Mr. Ohler has the honor of being the oldest man in Emmitsburg. Born near Tom's Creek Methodist Church on August 5, 1857, he was the son of Jacob and Emeline Ohler. All his life he has lived in Emmitsburg or vicinity.

In 1889 he married Savilla Ritter who died in 1926. To him were born three children. Only one of them survives, Edith, who is the wife of Charles Harner, with whom Mr. Ohler has re-sided since 1920.

In early childhood he began working on the Krise farm at Tom's Creek. Later he bought the Stansbury farm and remained a farmer until he retired in 1916 to live in town.

He has been a life-long member of the Methodist Church. Being a public minded citizen interested in the progress of the community, he served as fireman for a time and on the election board as long as he was physically able.

The most interesting episode in his life was his purchase of a Model-T Ford which he later sold on condition that the buyer take him to the Chicago Exposition, a trip filled with all kinds of thrills.

The people of Emmitsburg congratulate Mr. Ohler upon his years and salute him with the good wish that a beautiful radiance may shed a kindly luster upon the sunset of his earthly journey.

He is 94 years old.

Editors note: Mr. Ohler passed away on Sept 4, 1951

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