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Mrs. Edith Nunemaker

Originally published in the 1951 Pictorial History of Emmitsburg

Mrs. Nunemaker has the distinction of being the oldest resident of Emmitsburg. Born two miles east of Emmitsburg on May 15, 1856, she has passed her 95th milestone in terms of years. She came to her present home on West Main Street 93 years ago where her father, Joseph Smith, operated a store on the east side of the house.

On December 29, 1875, she married William P. Nunemakerof Emmitsburg, a liveryman and farmer. His farm was located at Zora. He died August 29, 1919. She had two children, Mary Edyth Nunemaker, at home, and Guy Smith Nunemaker, who died in 1946.

Mrs. Nunemaker's life and memory spans for than half the period of American history since the Revolution. She can recall the administration of Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the U. S., the birth of the Republican Party, soldiers passing through Emmitsburg for the Battle of Gettysburg, and many other historic events of the olden days. In Emmitsburg she is one among the last who can remember the pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Robert S. Grier, who died in 1865, after serving the church for nearly 52 years.

Since she was old enough she has been an active member of the Methodist Church. In fairly good health and normally active prior to last September, her formula for long life is useful activity and a knowledge of how to grow old.

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