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Why Emmitsburg needs & deserves
 Jim Hoover for Mayor

The campaign signs of one of Jim Hoover's opponents proudly proclaim he'll be "A Full Time Mayor." While the individual in question's willingness to dedicate his full time to the job is admirable, Emmitsburg desperately needs an effective Mayor more then it needs a full time Mayor, and Jim Hoover is the only person in the current field of three who has the skill, the knowledge, the vision, and the personality to be an effective mayor.

Anyone who has ever sat in a town council meeting and watched Jim handle tough, complex issues can't help but admire his demeanor, his insights, and his willingness to find the correct answer, even if it means going against the 'old boy network.' Jim's interest is in the well being of the town, not just a selected few.

As a supervisor of train operations for the MARC Train Service, Jim keep the trains running and on time. This is a highly demanding job that requires him to keep his fingers on the pulse of a huge infrastructure, remotely manage a significant staff, effectively delegate responsibility, and make tough calls. I can't think of a tougher pressure cooker to hone a person's management skills. And hone Jim it has. The town staff will be blessed, and the town rewarded, having a manager like him step into the shoes of Mayor.

Ever since his election to the town council, Jim has championed opening up the town's decision processes and meetings. "Why" asked Jim, "are citizens of the town not provided sufficient notice of the agenda for council meetings that are open to the public?" Why indeed we echo. In today's information age, there is no reason in the world that citizens of Emmitsburg don't have access to the latest schedule or agenda for meetings. They should be available not only for Town Council meetings, but for the Planning Commission, the Parks Commission, and the Zoning Commission as well.

Along the same lines, Jim questions why there is no process to inform the citizens about the decisions made in these meetings. Why is it that the first time the citizens of Emmitsburg hear about a planned annexation is in the newspapers? Shouldn't the citizens expect that they should hear about it first from their elected representatives?

For Jim Hoover, an informed citizen body is one of the town's greatest assets. He understands this and, as mayor, you will know when meetings are taking place and what the agendas are. Because of this, you will have an opportunity to raise your voice, provide your input, and make a difference.

If Emmitsburg is to advance, to prosper, the residents outside of town who call 21727 home, must be seen as assets, not as outsiders to be scoffed and sneered at. If we are to attract a more affluent citizenry upon which to build the tax base, we need a mayor who understands the needs of new residents and who knows how to communicate with them, a mayor who'll not treat them as second-class citizens because they weren't born here.

Lastly, and I'm ashamed that I even have to mention it, but I would be amiss if I failed to address the allegation, that Jim is anti-Catholic. As a Catholic myself, I'm personally embarrassed that one would stoop so low as to use religion to defame another individual. It's slander, pure and simple. Lets not mince any words. Those who are spreading this rumor are clearly communicating to all Emmitsburg residents they think them naive, gullible, self-centered bigots.

It's bad enough that today, one's value to the community seems to be based upon whether you were born in Emmitsburg or not. If we reward the type of religious slander now being hurled at Jim Hoover, is it not unreasonable to expect that access to the town offices and services will be reserved not simply for those born here, but those born here of a given faith?

Emmitsburg needs a mayor with an open mind, new ideas, the ability to communicate, to manage, to delegate, to follow through. We need a mayor who will not judge the value of an individual, or the importance of their needs, based upon where they were born or what church they attend.

Being born in Emmitsburg, living all your life and wanting to die here is nice, as is the willingness to give one's right arm for the town, but neither is sufficient qualification for being mayor. Many complex issues are on the horizon for Emmitsburg, and to successfully face and meet these challenges will require some out-of-the-box thinking, the type of thinking one only picks up by living and working in other communities at one time or another in one's life. 

Emmitsburg needs an effective mayor more then it needs a full time mayor. And for our money, there is only one candidate who fits this bill - Jim Hoover, and he proudly has our endorsement.

But our endorsement will not put Jim Hoover into office - only your vote will. So please, on April 16, vote for a better, more responsive town government, vote for Jim Hoover for mayor.

Michael Hillman

To learn more about Jim Hoover and his positions on the important issues facing Emmitsburg and its citizens, we encourage you to visit his web site at

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