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Daniel Edwin Stone

W. Owings Stone II

A few years back, the Emmitsburg Dispatch published the recollections of Property Owners and Business in Emmitsburg from Samuel Hays. Unfortunately, Mr. Hays never proved the Dispatch the period of his recollections. Any suggestions on what period of emmitsburg History he is referring to would be greatly appreciated (our best guess to date is between 1925 and 1930). -- Emmitsburg Historical Society

Recently, the Emmitsburg Historical Society received the following note:

My great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather were both doctors in the area, both named Daniel Edwin Stone -- you'll see a Dr. Stone listed on the Hays list. The house my great-grandfather lived in (as best I can recall) is next to a path that leads up to the cemetery. This is where my grandfather the Rev. W. Owings Stone grew up (my dad always said my grandfather was a soda jerk in the drugstore on the corner a few buildings up from the house).

On the side of the house farthest from the path is a small addition. The stone at the foot of the door of that addition has the name Stone on it -- that was where my great-grandfather practiced medicine. He died of acute appendicitis on 13 Jun 1920 at the age of 44. My great-grandmother, Elizabeth Hammond Downey Stone continued living in the house, finally marrying a man named Mr. Riggs (I think). (The Doctor and his wife as well as the Rev. W. O. Stone and his wife Margaret Simpson Stone are all buried in the cemetery in Emmitsburg.)

My great-great-grandfather, also Dr. Daniel Edwin Stone, died in 1924 in Mt. Pleasant, aged 84. His wife was Rebecca Owings Stone. (My other great-great-grandfathers in the area were Dr. Jesse Wright Downey, Dr. Thomas W. Simpson, and Gibson Smith. I have information on all but Gibson Smith, of whom I know absolutely nothing!)

So what does this all mean? If the Hays list purports to report on active businesses, then it must have been made before my great-grandfather's death in June 1920. On the other hand, the empty office remained there with the rock carved with the name Stone.

I hope this has been helpful!
W. Owings Stone II
Boston, Mass.

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