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 Biographical Sketch of
Colonel Thomas J. Frailey

The legal security of our community could rely upon no better counsellorship than its own foundation, which includes that of Thomas Joseph Frailey, attorney-at-law, philosopher and educator.  Colonel Frailey was born here on June 22, 1892 and was the son of the late Oscar D. and Clara Hoke Frailey.

He completed grade school in 1907, graduated from Emmitsburg High School in 1910, and was graduated from Mt. St. Mary’s College in 1915 with a B.A. degree, received his M.A. degree in 1917 and entered Dickinson School of Law at Carlisle Pa. in 1916 from which he was graduated with an LL.D. degree n 1919.  An additional LL.D. degree was conferred on him by Southeastern University, Washington D. C., in 1946.

Colonel Frailey was admitted to the bar in Maryland in 1919; the District of Columbia bar in 1924 and was privileged to practice in the U.S. Supreme Court, in 1925. Attorney Frailey joined the Faculty of Southeastern University Washington, D. C., in 1919, and served as dean in the School.

Law and Liberal Arts accepted as attorney with the U. S. Veterans’ Administration, he served as chief of, insurance claims and headed the legal work with a group of 105 lawyers as a member of the legal advisory group, and associate member of the board of appeals.

The Colonel, as he is familiarly addressed, entered military service in 1917 as a private and rose through the ranks for meritorious and courageous service with so many commendable achievements that proper space cannot be allocated.

He became a lieutenant colonel in 1935 and was ordered to active military duty with the Army General Staff, subsequently being promoted to the grade of full colonel. He served with the Army Industrial College in Washington during World War II and was a faculty member of the General. Counsel of the National Office of Civilian Defense. Honorably discharged from active service in 1946, he was appointed Colonel, Quartermaster Corps, by the President.

As a member of the Commander’s Party of the American Legion, he traveled extensively in Europe, interviewing and meeting personally, many European rulers and dignitaries, including King Albert of ‘Belgium, the king and queen of England, king of Italy, Prince of Wales and numerous others. He served three terms as Commander of the Sergeant Jasper Post, American Legion, in Washing, D.C., and was president of the Alpha-Chi-Cho Fraternity.

Colonel Frailey’s affiliations are many and of high standing. He is a man of courage and strength of character. The Colonel married the former Carolyn M. Smith of Hughsville, Pa., on April 7, 1934, her own brother, Dr. Ralph Smith, performing the ceremony. Mrs. Frailey is a graduate of Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport, Pa. Both are member of the local Methodist Church and Col. Frailey is the superintendent of the Sunday school. The Colonel presently is a mem­ber of the Mt. St. Mary’s College faculty and teaches law. He is a charter member of the Emmitsburg Chamber of Commerce and drafted the constitution and by-laws of that organization in addition to those of the Memorial Hall Assn., and the Community Fund.

Active in community service the Colonel has served a number of years on the Town Council and acted in the capacity as chairman of the board during his terms of office. We proudly say to Colonel Frailey, his achievements and records are among the highest qualifications and need no comment they speak for themselves. Congratulations, Colonel Frailey!

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