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Conrad Hockensmith 

Born: circa 1720 in Europe. Died: between 31 May 1793 and 15 May 1795.

1743 May 24 - Conrad Hockersmith of Prince George's County, Maryland received a warrant for 100 acres of land located between the two branches of the Middle Creek of Tom's Creek about one and a half miles east of present-day Emmitsburg, Frederick County, Maryland. (Frederick County was formed from Prince George's County in 1748.)

1743 Aug 3 - Conrad Hakeschmeid and his wife had their son Michael's baptism witnessed by Michael Rohner and wife. On that day also Conrad and his wife were the witnesses at the baptism of Johanna Magdalena, daughter of Billi and Elizabeth Erben. These baptisms were recorded in the Lancaster Trinity Lutheran churchbook by Rev. John Valentine Kraft.

1743 Sep 22 - the survey of Conrad Hockersmith's land was recorded as "Low Mill".

1748 Mar 28 - Conrad received a warrant for 50 additional acres of land along Middle Creek called "Long Mile".

1756 Nov 8 - Conrood Hackersmith of Frederick Co., Maryland sold to Patrick McGraw a small bay mare, a saddle and bridle, a blue coat, a blue jacket and fighting britches. Price 6 pounds, 10 shillings, witnessed by George Hockersmith and James Patterson. On the same day Patrick McGraw of Frederick County sold to Conrod Hockersmith of the same place a servant named Thomas Amane who had about a year and 7 months to serve. Price 6 pounds, 10 shillings. Witnessed by George Hockersmith and James Patterson.

1757 Dec 22 - Conrad Hockersmith of Frederick County received a warrant for a resurvey and expansion of "Long Mile" and "Low Mill".

1758 Mar 14 - the "Resurvey of Long Mile and Low Mill" was completed and granted to Conrad Hockersmith. Now included the contiguous vacant land to total 650 acres.

1758 May 7 - Michael Leggett of Frederick Co, farmer sold Conrad Hockersmith 100 acres of land called "Damhead" containing 100 acres. Price 20 pounds. Witnesses: Jos Wood and Henry Yea.

1759 Jun 21 - Barnard Michael Housel signed a bond to Conrad Hockersmith of Monocesy Upar hundred for 38 pounds. Witness: William Shields.

1760 Jul 27 - Conrad Hakeshmitt and Johan Georg Schmit (the father-in-law of Jacob and Michael) witness of communion at Thomas Creek of Dieter Danner, Hartman Goerts, Jacob Rauh, Jacob Shindledeker, Michael Striker and Henry Unger. Paster: Beck.

1761 Mar 22 - Conrod Hackenschmid, John Herman Goertz & Deterich Danner witness to communion at Lutheran Church on the "mittel end of thames creek" of Philip Gack, Jacob Goller, Jacob Heckendoon and Dieterich Mossnerr. Paster: Beck.

1761 Sep 4 - Johan Hermer Goertz, Jacob Mathew & Dieterick Damer witness to communion at Mitte Creek Lutheran church of Jacob Ambros, Conrad Hackerschmid, an elder in his church, Andreas Rau, Georg Schmid and Henrick Unger. Paster: Beck.

1762 Sep 16 - Conrad Hockensmith of Frederick County, farmer, sold to James Agnew 161 acres from "the Resurvey on Low Mill and Long Mile". Price 20 pounds. Signed with his mark (KHS). Witness John Ludera Beck [the Lutheran minister] and Thos Norris.

1763 Nov 15 - Mark Harmon recorded the following: "This note certifies that I Lorentz Brotzman doth confess that Mark Harmon hath not killed any of my cattle. By Conrad Hockersmith, Jacob Matthew, Lorentz Greeger & John Weller which was as arbitrators between us, Mark Harmon and Lorentz Protzman, as witness by hand, Lorentz Protzman. Signed in German script Lorentz Kreiger, by his mark, Conrad Hockersmith, in German script by Jacob Matthes, and John Weller." [from abstracts of the Frederick County, Maryland Land Records, Liber G & H (1761-1763)].

1764 May 3 - Michael Wysor and Conrod Hockersmith surieties of 100 pounds sterling for bonds of Mary Furry and Henry Furry, exers of Abraham Furry.

1764 May 31 - Conrad Hockersmith bought lots 50, 92, 80, 82, 84 in Taneytown from Raphel Taney. He agreed to build a house on the lots and finish by 1 May 1765.

1765 Jan 18 - John Lodewick Peck, minister wrote his will. Executors Conrad Hockensmith and Jacob Matthews. Witnesses: Andrew Rowe, George Hockensmith, George Smith (the father-in-law of Jacob and Michael)

1765 Mar 25 - bond by Conrad Hockersmith and Jacob Mathias with George Smith their sureity of 100 pounds as excrs of John Lodwick Picks.

1765 Apr 2 - Thomas McClean sold all his household goods, 2 hogs, a sow & barrow, a brown cow, a black & white heifer and about 30 acres of land "McClains Mill" with nearly 4 acres of rye in ground to Conrad Hockersmith. Witnesses: Samuel Emmet & Robert Ramsay.

1765 June 19 - Robert Jamison, cordwainer and wife Sarah sold 25 acres called "Samuel.s Grievance" to Conrad Hockensmith. Price 30 pounds.

1767 Mar 19 - Unkle Uncles sold tract called "Chance Medley" to Conrod Hockersmith. Price 30 pounds. Witnesses: David Lynn, Evan Shelby.

1770 May 12 - Conrad Hockersmith farmer sold "Samuels grievances" to Stephen Burnner, tanner. Signed with mark (KHS). Witnesses: Jos Wood, Thos Price. Wife Maria Christiana Hockersmith relinquished right of Dower.

1771 Nov 14 - Benjamin Biggs sold 50 acres, part of "Resurvey on Benjamin's Good Luck" to Conrad Hockersmith. Price 30 pounds. Witnessed: William Bland, Jos Wood.

1774 Nov 20 - Conrad Hockersmith yeoman sold "Chance Medley", 92 acres and "Resurvey on Benjamin's good Luck" to Christian Keefer, farmer for 400 pounds. Signed with mark (KHS). Mary wife, released dower right.

1780 Apr 15 - John Logsdon, age 64, Conrad Hockersmith aged 60, Jonathan Hays aged 50, Michael Stricker and Michael Hockersmith, aged 38 testified about a survey made 18 or 19 years earlier for John and Abraham Whitmore.

1782 - Conrad Hockensmith (could be Jr.) took communion at Jacob's Charge (Apples) Lutheran church.

1785 Dec 1 - Conrad Hackensmith bought lot 6 in Emittsburg from William Emmit and agreed to build one snug house not less than 16 ft square with a stone or brick chimney by 5 Feb 1788. Witness Jn Gwinn Jr. & John McAlister.

1787 Aug 16 - Conrad Hockersmith received a special warrant to resurvey 116 acres of "Resurvey of Long Mile and Low Mile" and add the adjacent vacant lands.

1788 Jul 22 - Conrad Hockersmith received the patent for the land of the 1787 warrant, 145 acres called "Family Study".

1788 Aug 16 - Conrad Hockersmith sold "Family Study" to Conrad Hockersmith Junior. He signed it with his mark (KHS). Witness was Jacob Hackensmit.

1790 Frederick County census - Conrol Hockensmith 1 free white male 16 and over, 1 free white female

1791 - Anna Christina Hockersmith executor of Frederick Winholtz gives final distribution: widow, Frederick, Elizabeth, Catharine, Barbara, Mary.

1793 May 31 - Conrad Hockensmith of Tom's Creek writes his will. Mentions wife Mary, sons George, Michael, Jacob, and Conrad. Exc. sons George and Jacob Hockensmith. Witnesses: Wm. Murdock, Alexander Caldwell, Jas Stevenson. Signed by his mark (KH).

1795 May 25 - Goods of Conrad Hockersmith appraised by Christian Smith and Michael Row at 54 pound, 6 shillings and 8 pence. George Hockensmith and George Hockensmith identified as nearest kin. Debts due from Henry Sook, Valentine Howman and George Hockensmith Jr.

1806 Nov 17 - Christianna Hockersmith's will written; mentions daughters Elizabeth Lander, Catharine White, Mary Orr, heirs of Frederick Winholt, and granddaughter Elisabeth Mesler. 

Special Thanks to the Tim Hockersmith's. 

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