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Mom's Time Out

To all those not so perfect moms

Mary Angle

(6/2016) This month I am dedicating my article to "that" mom; the mom who isn't perfect, who loves her family, who tries her best and doesn't let her mistakes define her. Sometimes as moms we try so hard and then fall short because we arenít perfect. Or worse yet we compare ourselves to the super mom we know, who isnít perfect either. When in actuality we are great moms who are imperfect but wonderful and who just need to realize how special we each are in our own way. Every mom I know is "that" mom and so am I.

I am that mom. I love my kids. I lose my temper. I yell and wish I didn't. I apologize when I am wrong. I find it difficult to apologize, but still do. I hug my children. I hug my husband in front of the children (even when they say ooh or yuck). I argue with my husband. We argue in front of the kids (we never want them to think that a disagreement means the end of a marriage). I love my husband. When we argue we do it kindly and with love and respect for one another. I show him respect and expect my kids to do the same. I laugh. I cry. Sometimes I laugh until I cry. I worry about my kids. I can be overprotective. I hope and pray my kids will make good choices. I praise my kids for the positive things they do. I punish my kids for the negative things they do. I like my job, but feel guilty when I am at work.

When I wasn't working I felt guilty about not contributing to the household budget. Sometimes I wish my kids weren't in so many after school activities. Some days I wake up happy and ready to go. I am literally the cheerleader of the morning routine. Other days I wake up like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. My kids avoid me like the plague. When they head off to school I beat myself up for starting their days that way. I believe it is important to show my kids how to be kind loving adults, not just tell them. I volunteer. Sometimes I volunteer too much.

Other times I donít volunteer enough. I am a hoarder, not enough to be on television but enough to drive my husband crazy. I love our puppy. Our puppy can make me wish we said no to a puppy. Usually I just want to snuggle the puppy. I try to follow through on punishments and rules for the kids. I fall short sometimes on my follow through when punishing the kids. I have my most creative thoughts in the bathroom, just before one of the kids knocks and asks, "What are you doing?" I secretly wish I had a hidden room in my house where I could get five or ten minutes to myself each day. I fear if I had a secret room in my house there might be days when I wouldnít come out until bed time. I snort when I laugh too hard. I have never peed when I have laughed but fear it isnít too far off. I am very loud and appear out going when I get extremely nervous.

I have unintentional hurt some dear friends. I have been unintentionally hurt by some dear friends. I forgave. I hope I have been forgiven. I hurt when my kids hurt. I hurt when my friends hurt. My husband calls me "mama bear". I am addicted to soda! I love Pinterest and pinning all kinds of stuff. I rarely find the time to look at, let alone do any of the things I pinned. I cry when my kids cry, whether I want to or not. It is like a broken faucet. I am stronger than I think. I get scared. I get mad. I hate cleaning my house, but yes I still do.

I gather all of the little piles of junk off the counter and put them in the office/homeschool/ library/ craft room when we have company coming over. I love to start projects around the house, but struggle to finish them. I procrastinate. I will drop everything to help a friend. I love to do crafts with my kids. I donít do them enough. I love to homeschool my daughter, but often question whether I am doing the best for her. I donít share my feelings enough. I love my home. However, I am still a gypsy and think about moving every time I see a house for sale. A very small part of me would love to buy a tiny house and travel the country with our kids, so they can experience real time history. I would never have the nerve to buy a tiny house and travel the country with the kids. I am a country girl. The city makes me nervous. I love to go to Disney, eat pasta and steamed crabs, and have an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. I secretly enjoy watching my boys wrestle, they have an absolute blast. I love to see all of my kids together because I know it isnít too long and that wonít happen very often. I love my family more than I could ever express.

I believe we are "that" mom. I also believe we are all amazing mom, who try so hard to do what is right for their family. We are moms who love their kids unconditionally. We make mistakes, but we keep trying and improve every day. We deserve to give ourselves a break both physically and mentally. You are a wonderful mom!

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