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Mom's Time Out

Without moms we would be a lost society

Mary Angel

(Jan, 2012) It is officially 2012 and what a great time to count our blessings. I hope tops on everyone's list is family. And sticking with the theme of this article I hope moms; your moms, your wives - the mothers of your children, your grandmas, etc. You get the point. Without moms we would be a lost society, the diversity of moms in our society is amazing and should be celebrated and yes counted among our blessings. Although Christmas is over it brings to mind the mother of all mothers, the mother of Jesus...Mary. Wouldn't it be amazing if we all thought of our mothers with the same reverence we think of Mary. And treated and spoke to our mothers the way we would speak to Mary given the chance. So here's to our moms, for all they are, all they do, all they say, and all they mean to us.

Mom, Mother, Maw, Mama, Grandma, Meme, Grammy, Mom mom, Madre, Abuela, Nana, Oma, Granny, cook, dishwasher, laborer, house keeper, diaper changer, teacher, tutor, clothes washer, magical stain genie, baker, coach, cheerleader, nose wiper, butt wiper, windshield wiper, car washer, trash collector, garbage hauler, chauffeur, sleep deprived breakfast maker, lunch packer, audience, bank roll, hair brusher, tear wiper, seamstress, mathematician, budget analyst, shopper, grocer, swim instructor, dance partner, stylist, nurse, doctor, plumber, lawyer, referee, judge, jury, volunteer, and sometimes "dad".

Good Morning, Stop fighting, it will be better before your married, clean up, straighten up, sit up, wake up, go to sleep, wash your hands, you are amazing, don't make me come in there, leave him alone, leave her alone, brush your hair, brush your teeth, make your bed, make your mind up, I love you, say your sorry, tell the truth, take your vitamins, do your homework, do your chores, brush your teeth again and this time use toothpaste, wash your hands again and this time use soap, hugs, set the table, clear the table, study, play nice, play fair, don't be a sore loser, be a gracious winner, kiss your mom goodnight, your going to be late for school, you'll put your eye out, you'll put someone else's eye out, don't play with that, practice you instrument, you are wonderful, have you done your homework, because I am your mother that's why, if you can't say something nice...don't say anything at all, have you studied for your test, do you have a fever, have you pooped today, cover your nose when you sneeze, you are beautiful, where did you meet him, kisses, don't put that in your don't know where its been, get off the phone, have you called your grandma, excuse yourself, don't use that language, elbows off the table, that skirt is too short, those pants are too big, don't slouch, tuck in your shirt, pull up your pants, tie your shoes, ask your father, get your hair out of your eyes, you are handsome, when I was young..., don't eat that, eat your vegetables, always wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident, I hope when you grow up you have kids "just like you", it's what is inside that counts, close the you live in a barn, get a haircut, hold the door for a lady, respect your elders, you will understand when you are older, don't make me give you something to cry about, sweet dreams, if your friends jumped off a bridge would you, wait till your father gets home, stop texting at the table, who are you texting, who is texting you, if you were going to be late why didn't you text, do you think money grows on trees, don't make that face or it will freeze that way, close the door...were you born in a barn, brush your teeth again, good night, I love you!

It doesn't matter if your mom works from the home or out of the home, her jobs are endless, tireless, and thankless. So make today the day you change all that and say, "thank you" to your mom. For that matter thank any "mom" who is there for you. And ask your self this...if God chose a humble unwed woman to be Jesus' mother who are you to think any mom doesn't deserve your utmost respect. God loves all moms, shouldn't you!

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