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Mom's Time Out

Happy New Year and Pass the Humility

Mary Angel

(Jan, 2011) As a mother I was immediately humbled by the whole experience of birth and the brand-new, 100% breakable, little china doll placed in my arms. As I have mentioned before I was not going to have children because I was afraid of those wobbly little new-born heads. That fear was instantly gone when I held my own baby for the first time. It is however replaced by so many other fears that range from how do I change this diaper to how can I let them date before the age of 20? But I am getting off topic, big surprise there. The initial dose of humility that comes from the most amazing gift God could give lasts a long time. Parents find themselves in awe of their children’s tiny toes and fingers, then their ability to roll over, followed by sitting, standing and walking. Sometimes parents are humbled by the simple feeling of baby’s breath on their cheek as the child lay sleeping on their shoulder. Humility that is brought on by an infant is almost a daily affair. But it doesn't end there. As one’s children grow they still have the ability to humble their parents and often it comes with a feeling of surprise, and sometimes embarrassment, as I have often experienced.

I can remember when my oldest had become quite the accomplished speller and had figured out the tact involved in spelling words that were not for everyone's ears. He went to his grandparents and informed them that he understood why they were having trouble hearing the television—they were "O.L.D." My father immediately burst out laughing, and I am not sure if it was at the spelling, the observation of his age, or my sight of mom’s jaw lying on the floor. At this moment I was humbled, despite some initial embarrassment, by my son’s blatant honesty. That same son, when he started kindergarten, made a new friend the first day of school. It wasn't until later that the little boy’s mom told me the story. My son had seen this boy standing in a corner and asked him what was wrong. The little boy said he was sad because he didn't have any friends. But my son said, "now you do" and started playing with him. They instantly became best friends. I am always humbled by kindness, especially when I see so many instances where kindness is not the choice people decide to make.

My second son humbles me, and many others, with his helpfulness. There has never been a time I can remember when he hasn't offered to help on a daily basis. Please don't misunderstand; he is still all boy and doesn't always listen or behave. However, he is the first to come running when someone needs help. Whether it be me doing laundry, his Grandma moving boxes, a neighbor needing a hand with a spider, or a kindergartener who was knocked over as she entered school, it is my son who helps in any way he can. We often get so busy with our own lives that we don't have time to help those around us. Do you know anyone who is always there to help other people, and are you amazed by their selflessness? Well then, you too have been humbled by a helpful person. The funny thing about humility, while it can make you feel all warm and fuzzy and it can also make you question who you are.

My oldest daughter is a "Fancy Nancy", as she likes to call herself. If it glitters it must be fancy in her book, she loves all things that are fancy or appear so to her. No matter where we go, or who we are with she can find something beautiful. In a horrible thunderstorm she will comment on how cool the clouds look and that the sky has beautiful swirls in it. No matter which of her friends we are talking about she can tell me something beautiful about them, whether it be inner or outer beauty. She thinks the world is a beautiful place and she reminds me daily to look for that beauty. For me there are days when I just don't see it, but I look at her and I know it is true. When she speaks of her Granddad, who passed away last June, she talks about how happy he must be to be able to ride a bike and talk to Jesus and Abraham Lincoln in Heaven. When I think of death it makes me sad, but this little girl thinks of tea parties between her Granddad and Mr. Lincoln (with strawberry tea of course). How humbling it is to see the world through a child's eyes.

My youngest is a wild child who is extremely shy. Her ability to humble me was given to her as a gift from God. God in his infinite wisdom knew she would be my last and gave her the ability to give the best hugs. "Hugs?" you say, Òall children hug and its very nice, but not humbling.Ó But when I am mad, sad, grumpy, down, blue, frazzled, stressed, or anything else she runs up and grabs me with her little arms. She hugs me, and hugs me, and hugs me and as she does, my negative emotions melt away and I am filled with love. For those of you who don't know this, there should be nothing more humbling than unconditional love. Here you have someone that loves you whether you are mad, mean, sad, or happy, no matter what. Many of us forget this and don't appreciate the love that is put before us. I have had those days where things aren't going well and they go from bad to worse and take my mood with them. Sometimes nothing but a new day will snap me out of it, but sometimes all it takes is a hug from my three year-old to put things in perspective and show me what a complete dolt I am being.

And so, for this new year I wish you all, health, happiness, and a little cup of humility.

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