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The American Mind

The same side of the same coin

William Hillman

(9/2017) Trumpís critics have gotten a lot of mileage out of suggesting that his condemnations of the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis were not strong enough and fast enough after the tragedy in Scharletville VA. The truth is, President Trump condemned the violence in stronger words than the previous president ever used to condemn those involved in the Soros-sponsored riots of Ferguson, Baltimore, Atlanta, and LA. This denial of reality by progressivesí part of their grand plan and in a smaller way, a product of the hatred they still hold towards President Trump for beating Hillary Clinton. (There is a lot of hypocrisy here, Just a few years ago Hillary called Klan leader, Robert Byrd, her mentor. And Hillaryís husband, Bill Clinton, delivered the eulogy at the funeral of Robert Byrd in West Virginia. Hillary gushed on about the greatness of this man who tried to filibuster civil rights act of 1964, and refused to join the army in WW2 because he did not want to be around "(the words he used to describe minorities is not appropriate to print in this paper)

The reason the left refuses to accept the Presidents condemnation of the violence in Schalteville is because the left is not looking for an apology. What they want is for trump to take responsibility for the two hate groups. The progressives want to tie the KKK and the Nazis to the Republican Party. The narrative confirms leftists in their belief that Trump is the embodiment of fascism and white supremacy, and that racism and Nazism are on the right.

The Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis and the rest of the fascist groups share a philosophical line of Progressivism. "American Progressivismóthe moralistic social crusade from which modern liberals proudly claim descentóis in some respects the major source of the fascist ideas applied in Europe by Mussolini and Hitler." - Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism.

The KKK was reborn and given power by the progressive president, Woodrow Wilson, as the militant wing of the Democratic Party. It was progressiveís beloved democrat president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who appointed KKK member, Hugo Black, to the Supreme Court.

The Nazi Socialist party is the fulfillment of progressivism. You donít have Nazis without the progressives of the 1920s. You donít have Mussoliniís fascism without the philosophy of progressivism.

The white nationalists in Charlottesville were wearing "Make America Great Again" Why would this be if they belong to the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party invented white nationalism and used it for almost a century to maintain their political supremacy in the South.

The Best Answer to this question was given by Dinesh D'Souza, "Todayís Democratic Party is different from the past. Today the Democrats affirm every type of ethnic nationalismóblack nationalism, Latino nationalism, Asian nationalismóexcept white nationalism. So whites canít show up to the multicultural picnic, because all these other nationalisms are mobilized against white nationalism. Whites have become the bad guys. Consequently, the white nationalists have to turn elsewhere.

So where can they turn? They donít fit easily in the Republican Party, because the GOP is all about individual rights and the rejection of ethnic nationalisms of every stripe. Nor is Trump their man, because Trump supports not white nationalism but American nationalism. Trumpís American nationalism, however, at least includes all Americans. Consequently, the white nationalists may consider it a better alternative to being hated and reviled in the Democratic camp."

So where do these groups come from?

Progressivism is a philosophy of control where society and the government is more important than the individual. This philosophy is opposed to classical liberalism, where the rights of the individual are inalienable. Both the Nazis and KKK campaign for centralized control and racial purity, which are in direct conflict to classical liberalism, which believe in the right of self-determination, freedom of speech and assembly. They do align very nicely with progressivismís philosophy of centralized control and adherence to uniformity.

Take one look at how the left has always fougt for government support of Planed Parenthood. This organization embodies the progressive foundation of social control and engineering of progressivism with the fascists method of forced adherence. "While Margaret Sanger was an avid eugenicist, today Planned Parenthood celebrates her as a champion of "choice." One is hard pressed to find references to eugenics in Planned Parenthood brochures featuring Sangerís pioneering role in the organization. This is all part of the big lie; the real Sanger opposed choice. As we have seen, she demanded that rich, educated, and "fit" populations must have more children and poor, uneducated, and "unfit" populations must have fewer children. Sanger, like Hitler, believed that reproductive choices must serve the larger interests of society and the species. If"

Dinesh D'Souza, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left

To quote Johan Goldberg again, "The Nazis played the same games against Jews that todayís left plays against 'Eurocentrism,' 'whiteness,' and 'logocentrism.' When you hear a campus, radical denounce 'white logic' or 'male logic,' she is standing on the shoulders of a Nazi who denounced 'Jewish logic' and the 'Hebrew disease'...The white man is the Jew of liberal fascism."


This group is anything but Anti-fascist. It takes its name from the Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbelsí directive to accuse your enemy of your own sins. For the last year, this group calling themselves "Anti-Fascist" or "antifa" have used violence and intimidation to deny citizens their right to freedom of speech and assembly. If you get a dictionary and look up fascism, this group fits the definition. (Youíll need to use a printed dictionary; the progressives have been busy on the internet changing the definition of words like fascist to suit their purposes. As their fore father, Joseph Goebbels said, if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.)

As you can see, what we have in Charlottesville, is the old democrat/progressive fascist represented by the KKK and neo-Nazis fighting the new democrat/progressive fascist who call themselves Antifa. Maybe the solution is to give them both baseball bats, turn off the cameras and let them beat some sense into each other.

There is another reason for the Progressivesí need to keep up the narrative of impending disaster and governmental collapse to push their new "World Order" without going through the legislative and democratic process.

"Crisis is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Hence all fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency. Across the West, this was the most glorious boon of World War I."

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