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January 2018

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors,
and let every new year find you a better man.
Benjamin Franklin (1907-1997)

Mid-Atlantic Weather Watch: Windy, cold, lake-effect snow (1, 2, 3) turning fair but very cold (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9). Light snow, mainly in the northern part of the region (10, 11, 12) again, turning fair, but very cold (13, 14, 5, 16). Windy, cold, with some lake-effect snow (17, 18, 19) returning to fair and rather cold temperatures (20, 21, 22, 23, 24). Light snow in the north (25, 26, 27); fair, rather cold (28, 29, 30, 31).

Full Moon: Hunger Moon is the name many Native Americans called January’s full moon due to the scarcity of food at this time. It has also been called Wolf Moon because hungry wolf packs get much bolder and inch closer and closer to camps for a chance at some food. It will occur on Wednesday, December 22nd.

Special Notes: With its 2018 edition, The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack turned 222 years old! Its founder, John Gruber, would certainly be proud that his humble publication, first published in 1797 and continuously ever since, would be hailed today as not only the second oldest almanac in the United States but is the only almanac in America still to be published by his heirs. We pledge to continue improving our look, providing those weather forecasts, and offering useful information and inspiration to help one survive in today’s world. In that way, The Town & Country Almanack will earn its place in the 21st Century as a useful and cherished reference as it had been in centuries past. Our Friends of The Almanack (FOTA) Membership Program continues into 2018 and with every new membership, our on-line readers will not only receive digital access to their favorite almanac for 2018 but also for 2019 and with great pricing on printed versions. Simply go to and sign up today!

Holidays: New Year’s Day on Monday, January 1st. Famed civil rights activist leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15th in 1929. The third Monday of January has been designated as the day of remembrance for this great leader. This year, it is January 15th which is actually his birthday! Take time to remember him on this day and reflect on the great social changes he brought about in this country and the ultimate sacrifice he made pursuing unity and racial harmony which is still elusive today.

The Garden: Mulch landscape beds for winter if you haven't already (and if the weather allows). Mulching prevents erosion, protects against soil freezes and thaws, and helps retain moisture - all particularly beneficial over a dry winter. There are many different types of mulch. Be sure to shake or brush off any heavy snow from the branches of your evergreens and shrubs. The light fluffy snow poses no real threat, but if it should become wet and frozen, the weight dramatically increases. Branches are more brittle when the plants are dormant, and the weight of the snow may snap them off. Our feathered friends need a reliable supply of water and food during winter. Once you start feeding them, they'll keep returning for more, so be prepared to continue providing ample amounts of both until natural water supplies and food becomes available.

J. Gruber’s Thought For Today’s Living

"The next twelve months offers us a world of promise; it all depends on each one of us and how much we are willing to give of ourselves to help make it a better world"

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