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July 2014

"A father is a guy who has snapshots
in his wallet where his money used to be"

Mid-Atlantic Weather Watch: Fair and hot (1,2,3,4) with storms (5,6,7). Fair and hot again (8,9,10,11) with more storms (12,13,14,15,16) some severe (17,18,19). Very warm and humid (20,21,22,23,24,25,26); Atlantic hurricane, windy, severe storms (27,28,29) turning hot and humid (30,31).

Tornado Watch: The Town and Country Almanack sees some tornado activity in the Mid-Atlantic Region from July 14th through the 19th.

Full Moon: July’s Full Moon, occurring on July 12th, has most often been referred to as Thunder Moon because of the increased number of thunderstorms, some quite severe, that typically plagued many regions during this month. However, depending upon the particular tribe and region, it was also called Buck Moon due the rapid growth of antlers on young bucks during the month, Ripe Corn Moon because of the appearance of young corn on the stalks, or Hay Moon since hay tended to ripen as well.

Holidays: Plan something special for this year’s Fourth of July celebration but keep safety in the plan. During all outdoor activities (whether extended or not), use the appropriate level of sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) and apply frequently especially if swimming or perspiring. If a cookout is on the agenda, avoid any surprises by doing a quick inspection of the grill a few days before the big day. That will you some time to get to the hardware store for that part you need for a last-minute fix or repair. Be sure hoses are sound with no leaks, all fuel couplings are tight, gauges are functioning, and that the burner jets are clear of any debris and fully operational. To avoid the possibility of a fire, clean all grill surfaces and remove any traces of grease from the last grilling before lighting. It will not only prevent a fire but will also improve the taste of the food you’re grilling. Enjoy!

The Garden: During the coming dry weather, continue to keep the gardens and lawn adequately watered. Remember, a deep, thorough soaking once a week is more beneficial than a daily light sprinkling. Allow roses to rest in July and August. Do not fertilize, but continue spraying, and give them a light pruning in July to encourage new fall growth. Repot houseplants that have been kept outdoors if roots start to crowd their containers. If you have to divide plants, give them a chance to recover from the disruption to their root system by keeping them in the shade for at least a week.

J. Gruber’s Thought For Today’s Living

“Common sense is what takes over when intelligence has its doubts’.

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