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January 2008

"Resolutions are only as good as the intent to keep them"
                                    John Gruber (1767-1857)

Weather Watch: Windy, colder, and flurries (1,2,3); Fair but rather cold (4,5). Nor'easter with heavy snow (6,7,8). Windy, very cold, flurries (9,10,11). Fair and cold (12,13,4,15,16,17) with more snow (18,19). Fair and quite cold again (20,21,22,23,24). Watch for yet another Nor'easter with snow and stormy weather to follow (25,26,27) turning very cold with some more flurries (28,29). The month ends with fair weather and cold temperatures (30,31)

Full Moon: The Full Moon for January occurs on the 22nd at 8:35AM. It is often referred to as the Hunger Moon because of the great difficulty finding food during this winter month. It has also been called the Wolf Moon because of the appearance of wolf packs wandering close to Native American villages looking for food during this month.

Special Notes: 2008 marks our 212th year of continuous publication! All of us at The Almanack truly do appreciate the many years of support received from our many readers who have remained loyal through the years. It has been an honor to be part of a tradition that has become such a vital part of so many lives. We pledge to continue to improve our look, continue to provide those dead-on-accurate weather forecasts, and continue to offer useful information and inspiration to help one survive in today's world. In that way, The Hagerstown Town & Country Almanack will find its place in the 21st Century as a useful and cherished reference as it has in centuries past.

A winter auto safety tip: Always clear snow away from your car's exhaust pipes before starting. This will prevent dangerous carbon monoxide from seeping back into the car. Never warm up a car in an attached or stand-alone garage, even if the door is open!

Holidays: Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on January 15, 1929. In 2008, the official day set aside for his remembrance (the third Monday of January) falls on January 21st. Please remember to honor him on his day and reflect on the great social change he brought about in this country and the sacrifice he made pursuing unity and harmony.

The Garden: Begin planning your spring gardening activities during the remaining winter nights. Pick up a few gardening books and magazines, noting the pictures that appeal to you and list the changes you want to make in your garden. Collect nursery and seed catalogs now and remember to place your orders early. Try to time all your gardening and lawn activities with anticipated sales at local merchants.

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living:

"The next twelve months offers us a world of promise; it all depends on each one of us and how much we are willing to give of ourselves to help make it a better world"

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