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 October 2006

"A good scare is worth more to a man then good advice"
          Edgar Watson Howe (1853-1937)

For the month of October, temperatures will be average with precipitation average for the month.

Weather Watch: fair and rather warm (1,2) remaining warm with the possibility of showers and storms at times (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11). Partly cloudy and warm (12 13,14,15) with more showers and storms (16,17,18,19,20). Fair and cooler 21,22,23,24) with showers and milder temperatures (25,26,27). Fair and mild (28,29,30) with more showers and cooler (31).

Tornado Watch: Tornado activity forecasted between October 16th through the 20th.

Full Moon: The Full Moon in October will occur on October 6th at 10:13PM and is the Hunter's Moon for 2006. Also known as Yellow Leaf Moon because of all of the leaves turning colors at this time of year. The Cree Indian Tribe called it the Moon of Falling Leaves because some many trees lose the last of their leaves in October.

Special Notes: Enjoy the many Fall Festivals that are planned across the region. Many have contests for the best scarecrow or the scariest pumpkin craving so express your creativity (and the creativity of your children!). Don't forget to "fall back" one hour on Sunday, October 29th at 2AM EDT as Daylight Savings ends for 2006.

Holidays: Yom Kippur is celebrated on Sunday, October 1st and Columbus is honored on Columbus Day on Monday, October 9th. United Nations Day falls on Tuesday, the 24th and Halloween is on Tuesday, October 31st. Always think safety when sending young ones out to Trick or Treat. Go early with the little ones and encourage older children to wear light, reflective clothing after dark. Be sure to check all "treats" when the children return.

The Garden: Shredding leaves, along with lawn clippings, dead plant stalks from the vegetable garden make a fine addition to the compost heap. Or simply try this trick... Remove all large vines and spent plants from the vegetable garden. Mix 1 can of cola (not diet), 1 cup of dish soap, and ¼ cup of ammonia and add to 20-gallon hose end sprayer and fill to top. Saturate the layer of mulch that's left on top of the garden's soil and then say, "Good Night" until the next growing season!

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living:

"It is the wise man who knows his limitations but who makes the most of his abilities"

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