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 January 2006

"Every man natural persuades himself that he can keep his resolutions, nor is he convinced of his imbecility but by length of time and frequency of experiment"
                                         Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Temperature: For the month of January, temperatures will be below average with precipitation to be above average.

Weather Watch: Snowy, windy, cold (1,2 turning fair, windy and cold (3,4). Snow or rain, very cold (5,6,7) remaining fair and very cold (8,9,10,11,12).

Rain or snow, cool (13,14) with fair and cold temperatures (15,16,17). Snow and rain returning (18,19,20) with windy and very cold weather (21,22,23). More snow or rain (24,25) turning fair and cold (26,27. Snowy and stormy (28,29) ending the month with seasonally fair, windy and rather cold weather.

Tornado Watch: The Almanack sees no tornado activity for January 2006.

Full Moon: The Full Moon for January occurs on the 14Th at 4:48AM EST. It is often referred to as the Wolf Moon. This is because of all of the wolf packs that roamed around Native American villages looking for food during this month. It is also called the Hunger Moon due to the great difficulty finding food in cold and temperate climates during this winter month.

Special Notes: For increased winter wellness, equip rooms with humidifiers and clean them regularly according to manufacturer's recommendations. This will prevent bacterial growth. Remember to get as much sunlight outdoors whenever you can and drink plenty of water.

Holidays: Carry the good will expressed during the recent holidays into the new year and try to keep those New Year's Resolutions. It is, sometimes very difficult to do, but if you frame them reasonably and realistically, you will succeed! Please remember to honor the great Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, January 20th.

The Garden: Begin planning your spring gardening activities during the remaining winter nights. Buy an extra calendar when they go on sale. Keep one for garden planning and scheduling of mulching, fertilizing, potting, and plantings. Collect nursery and seed catalogs now and remember to place your orders early. And now is the time to spoil those indoor plants! They not only brighten up the house but they also rid indoor air of nasty pollutants.

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living:

"The next twelve months offers us a world of promise; it all depends on each one of us and how much we are willing to give of ourselves to help make it a better world"

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