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 April 2006

Even when all my body sleeps
I shall remember yet
The wistfulness that April keeps
When boughs at dusk are wet
                   Louis Ginsberg (1895-1976)

For the month of April, temperatures will be average with Precipitation to be average as well.

Weather watch: clear and cool (1,2,3) with rain or snow, stormy (4,5,6). Fair weather and mild (7,8,9) with light rain mild temperatures continuing (10,11). Showers or storms at times (12,13,14,15) turning fair and cooler (16,17,18). Fair, not as cold (19,20,21) with showers but still mild (22,23). Fair and warm (24,25) with yet more showers (26,27). The month ends with very nice fair and warm spring weather!

Tornado watch: the almanack sees no tornado activity in the month of April.

Full moon: April's full moon rises at 11:40am on the 13th and native Americans often referred to it as fish moon because fishing in the region began to pick up as the weeks got warmer. It is also has been known as pink moon because of the many flowers that turn pink and bloom during the month of April.

Special notes: that's right, spring has been officially here since march 21st and the weather will be getting warmer soon. Spend those warmer days outside removing debris from garden beds and getting your garden tools ready and in order. It's tax time once again, too. Take a look at last year's return before filing. Compare your current return with last years and look for any deductions you might have missed.

Holidays: observe Easter on Sunday, April 16th. Spend some quality time with your family, friends, and neighbors but sure to find spiritual time to attend church. Enjoy this time of rebirth and celebrate the coming of spring. It's right around the corner!

The garden: that's right. Spring is right around the corner so do an all-points check on the old lawn mower. Sharpen or replace dull, worn blades, install new spark plug, clean or replace the air filter and change the oil. Fill it up with gas and be sure to check the pull cord (if manual start) for any undue wear. Replace it immediately if frayed.

J. Grubers' thought for today's living:

"Common sense is what takes over when intelligence has doubts"

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