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 October 2005

"If men were angels, no government would be necessary"
                                  James Madison (1751-1836)

For the month of October, temperatures will be below average with Precipitation above average for the month.

Weather watch: fair and mild (1,2) turning fair and warmer (3,4,5). Showers and storms (6,7); fair and mild (8,9,10). More showers, cooler (11,12) returning to fair and mild temperatures (13,14,15,16). Tropical storm (17,18) but fair and cool (19,20); rain (21,22). Fair and cool again (23,24) with showers and cool weather continuing (25,26,27). Mostly fair with a few showers ((28,29,30,31).

Tornado watch: tornado activity forecasted for the 6th and 7th and from the 17th to the 18th.

Full moon: the full moon in October will occur on October 17th at 7:14 am and is the hunter's moon for 2005. Also known as yellow leaf moon because of all of the leaves turning colors at this time of year. It has also been called the big feast moon because of the bountiful harvests and fall celebrations.

Special notes: take advantage of the many fall and harvest celebrations across the region! Many have contests for the best scarecrow or jack o' lantern carving so get out there and express yourself and your family's creativity. Don't forget to "fall back" one hour on Sunday, October 30th at 2am EDT as daylight savings ends for 2005.

Holidays: October is full of special occasions and holidays! Columbus day is celebrated on Monday, October 10th, united nations day falls on Monday, the 24th, and Halloween falls on Monday, October 31st. Don't be tricked into taking safety for granted so treat yourself and the young ones to a safe and early evening of activities that will end by dusk. Be sure to have older children wear reflective clothing (or costumes!) after dark.

The garden: rake leaves so they don't block light to the lawn. Shred or mulch and use around shrub bases or add to the compost pile. Remove all dead or dying plants and add those to the compost pile as well. Fertilize and check the soil's ph levels. If too acidic, apply lime. Do not fertilize any trees. Fertilizing will encourage new growth when actually, trees need to retreat into a resting phase and prepare for the colder winter months ahead.

J. Grubers' thought for today's living:

"A man who won't admit he's wrong loves himself more then he loves the truth"

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