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 April 2005

"Sweet April showers, do bring may flowers"
   Thomas tusser (1524-1580)

For the month of April, temperatures will be below average with Precipitation to be below average as well.

Weather watch: Light rain or snow (1) with fair and milder temperatures (2,3,4). More light rain or snow (5,6,7,8) turning fair and mild (9,10).

Showers and storms (11,12) with fair and mild weather returning (13,14,15). Cold rain or snow (16,17,18) turning with fair and warmer (19,20). Showers (21,22,23) with cloudy skies and colder temperatures (24,25). Rain or snow (26,27) with fair and warmer weather to follow (28,29,30).

Tornado watch: There is no tornado activity foreseen for the month of April.

Full moon: April's full moon has been known as fish moon because fishing would begin to pick up at this time of year when the weeks get warmer.

It also has been referred to as pink moon because of the many flowers that turn pink and bloom during the month of April. April's full moon rises at 5:06am on the 24th

Special notes: April 15th is tax day so get your taxes done on time and avoid any penalties due to late filing. If you anticipate not meeting the april 15th deadline for filing your tax return and to avoid any penalties, ask for an extension at

Holidays: Don't get caught by any practical jokes on April fool's day, Monday April 1st. Check out the over 80 varieties of trees at the national arbor day foundation's website at Be sure to plant a tree on arbor day on the 29th. Mother earth needs more trees!

The garden: That's right… spring is right around the corner so start your clean up activities on the next mild day. Spread compost around trees and shrubs. Begin planting indoor seedlings outdoors. Harden them off first with several short days outside. Spray fruit trees with dormant oil when temperatures exceed 40 degrees and before they leaf out. Do an all-points check on the old lawn mower. Sharpen or replace dull, worn blades, install new spark plug, clean or replace the air filter, and change the oil. Fill it up with gas and be sure to check the pull cord (if manual start) for any undue wear. Replace it immediately if frayed.

J. Grubers' thought for today's living:

"Keeping ones eyes, ears, and mind open but mouth closed often leads to a more thorough understanding of life's problems."

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