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 February, 2004

For the month of February, Temperatures Will Be Average with Precipitation to Be above Average.

Weather Watch: Fair and rather cold (1,2,3). Snow or rain (4,5,6) turning windy and colder (7,8,9). More snow and rain (10,11) with flurries continuing (12,13). Light snow or rain (14,15,16) turning fair and cooler (17,18). More light snow or rain and windy (19,20); Fair and cool (21,22) with heavy rain or snow (23,24,25,26. Rain or flurries and much colder (27,28,29).

Tornado Watch: There is no tornado activity foreseen for the month.

Full Moon: February's Full Moon Has Become Known as the Snow Moon

Because Snow Was Deepest in Certain Parts of the World During this Month.

It Has Also Been Called the Hunger Moon Because of the Difficulty in Finding Food. February's Full Moon Will Occur on the 19th.

Special Notes: Take advantage of reduced prices on snow shovels, unsold chocolate, and picture frames. Be careful when you enjoy winter sports. If skiing, be sure to check that bindings are set properly for your height and weight. When snowboarding, always wear a helmet and wrist guards and, if sledding, be sure to check for rocks and debris and NEVER sled on slopes that end at a street, parking lot, drop-off, or a body of water.

Holidays: Remember that February, 2004 is a Leap Year and to plan on twenty-nine days for the month. Watch for "Punxsutawney Phil" to make his prediction on the coming of spring on Ground Hog Day, Monday, February 2nd. Do something special for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14th and be sure to honor Washington and Lincoln on President's Day, Monday, the 16th. February 10th through the 16th is National Pancake Month.

The Garden: Be patient…… Spring is right around the corner (despite the cold weather, snow, and freezing rain!). Begin uncovering perennials, especially if you live in areas where Spring comes early. Don't get rid of evergreen boughs or old blankets, though. You may need them to protect plants for that late-winter blizzard.

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living: "There's beauty all around us when there's love at home".

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