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 December 2004

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try and keep it all year"
                                     Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

For the month of December, Temperatures will be Average with Precipitation to be Average as well.

Weather Watch: Flurries or sprinkles (1) with fair and cool weather (2,3). Colder with light rain or snow (4,5,6), turning fair and cold (7,8). Freezing rain or snow (9,10) returning to fair and cold (11,12). More rain or snow (13,14) with fair and colder temperatures (15,16) with yet again, more snow or rain showers (17,18,19). Fair and cold (20,21,22) with snow or rain returning (23,24). Cool with fair skies (25,26) with periods of snow or rain (27,28,29). The month ends with windy, fair but cold weather (30,31).

Tornado Watch: No tornado activity forecasted for the month of December.

Full Moon: With the rapid approach of cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere, December's Full Moon has been called Cold Moon. Also known as the Beaver Moon and sometimes Ice-forming Moon because beavers are finishing up their dams and ice is starting to form on the water. December's Full Moon will occur on the 26th at 10:06 AM.

Special Notes: Remember those less fortunate this year with a simple act of kindness. Contribute to your favorite charity. Volunteer your time and help make someone's holiday special in some small way if you can't afford to contribute with money. Remember, if sending Christmas packages through the mail, be sure to mail them early and notify the recipients when the packages should arrive.

Holidays: Chanukah starts on Wednesday, December 8th and continues until the 15th. Asarah B'Tevet is celebrated on the 22nd. Celebrate Christmas Day with family and friends on Saturday, December 25th but try to keep that giving spirit alive throughout the coming year. Have a Merry Christmas and above all, a safe and Happy New Year!

The Garden: Outdoors, spray evergreens, Christmas trees, and treasured plants with anti-transpirant spray. Save wood ashes to add to soil in spring. Use herbicide for winter weed control when lawns are dormant.

J. Grubers' Thought for Today's Living: "To give of yourself is perhaps the most precious gift of all".

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