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  World War II Honor Roll

Harry D. Jones

Date of Induction-November 17, 1942
Branch of service-Navy Air Corps
Trained at Bunker Hill, Indiana; Pensacola, Florida; Lauderdale, Florida;
 USS Hornet; USS Midway
Date of Embarkation-November 27, 1944
Served in Pacific Theatre
Engagements - Iwo Jima; Okinawa
Medals Earned-Distinguished Flying Cross W/l Gold Star;
 Air Medal W/2 Gold Stars; Presidential Unit Citation
Discharge Station-Norfolk, Virginia
Date of Discharge - July 19, 1947 Rating-Lieutenant (jg)
Served-45 months Occupation-Clerk, FBT Washington, D. C.

I was a Navy V-5 , Navy Aviation Cadet, during WWII, at Mt. Saint Mary's College. My class of cadets reported in On June 1, 1943 and completed our training there on July 15, 1943. We were assigned, (ground school), crammed course, in math, navigation, engines, physics, physical training, and other minor courses that I cannot recall at this time. Our courses were taken in the morning and in the afternoon we would go over to Potteroff Field, Waynesboro, for flight instructions.

Two of the most prolific instructors I had at the Mount were, Professors ‘Doc’ McCullough and Wally Opekun. ‘Doc’ taught us math and navigation. He frequently used the phrase , the higher "er F uhrer", to his students, that meant, the higher in altitude you go, the fewer pounds of air pressure. Coach Wally taught us engines and gave us physical training.

For physical training, the Mount had a first class obstacle course. After we did the obstacle course we had to jog out to a nearby old water filled rock quarry where we went swimming. Coach Wally would be the last jogger and would whack the stragglers on the read end.

After we finished at the Mount, we were transferred to the University of North Carolina, Navy Pre-Flight School Navy, Chapel Hill, N. C.

One of the first things that happened to you when you arrived at Chapel Hill, you were given a physical endurance test. They put a bag of sand, that was 1/3 your weight, and you had to step up and down on a stool to the beat of a bass drum. They would frequently take your heart beat and your pulse. Those who did not satisfactorily complete the test, were scheduled for further physical training.

I set forth the above to thank Coach Wally for the tough rigorous physical training we received at the Mount. It is noted, that not one cadet, from the Mount, failed that tough initial physical fitness test.

While my class of cadets were at the Mount, Saturday evenings were the only time we had liberty or free time. On. Saturday and Sundays, we were flying over in Waynesboro.

On Saturday evenings. we would spend the time down at Fitzgerald's Tavern, just pass Flat Run on South Seton Avenue. It was the only place in town to go. It was a very popular place and we had the opportunity to meet and dance with the young ladies. My first dance was with Irene Shorb, now Irene Zurgable. Later I danced with her sister Valerie 'Petie' Shorb. That meeting and dancing with ‘Petie,’ blossomed into a marriage, that took place on March 2, 1946.

During our marriage, when I was employed in Washington, we visited Emmitsburg practically every weekend and always at Christmas. Dr. Cadle delivered our first two children.

I still retain my membership in the Emmitsburg VFW and the Emmitsburg American Legion. My wife Valerie ‘Petie,’ passed on and is buried in the St. Joseph Cemetery, also my expected final resting place.

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