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[We found the clipping below notifying rural mail customers
 of planned changes interesting because of the names listed on it
  ... how many ring a bell to you?]

Old Mail Routes

From the Emmitsburg Chronicle ~ 1950

Amended Routes Do Away With The Services Of One Carrier And Cause Much Adverse Criticism. Complaints Sent to Washington

On Tuesday the changes, recommended by Inspector Broushel, evidently a new hand at the business in the rural mail routes, will go into effect. By these changes the services of one carrier will be dispensed with and his route will be divided up among two other carriers. On Tuesday all patrons of the rural service living beyond St. Anthony's Church will receive their mail from the Thurmont office.

Carrier number two will go over that part of the route of carrier number thirty-three from Thurmont which lies in this district. Fairplay is no longer on any route from this office and some others are entirely cut off from service; some who received two deliveries and collections a day will then receive only one, namely those who live between the College avenue and the postal station at St. Anthony's.

Complaints by the score have already been sent to the Post Office Department and it may be possible if a general disposition adverse to the changes are made known in Washington that these changes will be put aside.

The amended Routes are as follows Route 10: Beginning at the post office,. thence easterly to G. Gillelan's corner. 2.1; S. to Wm. Fuss' corner 2.; W. to Four Point's, bridge, 0.4; S-E. to H. Nogle's corner, 1; S. S-W. to S. Sheeley's corner, 2; N-W. N. N-W. by N. C. Stansbury's and N-E. to Four Points bridge, 2.6; N-W. to J. 0. Harbaugh'; corner, 1.4; S-W. W. to Mrs. Humbert; corner 0.9; S. to Geo. Smith's corner. 1. 9; W. & N-W. to B. Hobbs' cross road, 1.2; S-W. to Mrs. Favorite's corner, 1. N-E. to W. Welty's corner, 2.; N-W. to St. Anthony's school, 1.2; Northerly to M. S. M. College, 0.5; Easterly to Mrs. Humbert's corner, 1.2; N. to fork: at toll gate, 0.8; S-E. to J. 0. Harbaugh'; corner, 0.7; N. & W. to P. 0. Total 24.7 miles. Families, 98. This rout is called number 2.

Beginning at P. O. thence East 8 N-E. to Kump's mill, 1.8; S. to E. M Fuss' corner, 0.4; Easterly to J. W Eckard's res. 1.9; Retrace to Ohler': corner, 0.6; N. N-E. to Ott's corner, 1.7 N-W. N. to W. Koontz's corner, 1.3 S-W. passing Kump's mill to the E. J Adams cor. 2.; N-W. & W. to Presbyterian cemetery, 0.7; N. to Mrs. Wood' corner, 1.; W. to Ross Baker's corner. 0.9; N. N-W. by Mcllheny's S. H. t Rohrbaugh's cor. 1.3; Westerly to A. M Manahan farm, 0.8; Retrace East to J E. Payne corner, 0.4; Southerly to Ed Baker's corner, 1.2; West to Davi Guise corner, 0.9; N. to Zimmerman S H. and return, 1.5; W. to C. F. Smith' cor. 0.7; N-W. to G. Ecker's cross road 0.9; S-W. & N-W. to Zora, 0.7; S. to creek road, 0.5; E. & S-E. to Adelsberger's corner, 2.2; N-W. to Morris Top per's mail box, 0.7; S-E. to Emmitsburg P. O. 1.4. Total, 25.5 miles. Families 90. This route is now called number 3.

Beginning at Mt. St. Mary's College at which a collection will be made a 6.30 A. M. Thence over the pike road N-easterly to Emmitsburg, P. 0. making collection at St. Joseph's Academy 3 miles. After the arrival of the morning mail, at about 9.30 A.M., he will proceed to serve his route by returning over the pike to M. S. M. College, delivering at St. Joseph's and to boxes on road en route, 3 miles; Proceed from the College N. & N-E. to Jacob Hoke's lane, 1.4; Retrace to main road and proceed westerly by the Stouter corner 8 H. Winter. to Eyler's V. Ch. 3.5 N-westerly to E. Wetzel's corner, 1.5 E. N-E. & E. to Jos. Eyler's corner 4.6; N-W. to Wm. Eyler's residence 0.6; S-E. to Annandale school house 1.1; W. to M. Springer's residence, 0.5 Easterly to P. 0. 2. On arrival of the evening mail, at about 8.00 P.M., the carrier will proceed to the College, taking out the evening mail for that institution and delivering at the Academy en route. Total, 24 Families, This route is now called number 1.

Do any of these names ring a bell? 
If so, tell us what you can remember about them to