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Martin Luther Kugler's
 Daily Notations on Life in Emmitsburg - 1912

Editors note: we recently received a package containing the daily journal of Luther Kugler - we wish we could tell you who this man was, but we can't - all we have is his notes ... notes which provide an interesting glimpse of what life was like in pre-WWI Emmitsburg.

Martin Luther Kugler was a plumber who lived in Emmitsburg from before 1900 until after 1930. He was born in Maryland on Aug 12,1891 to George Albert and Cornelia Catheina (Conner) Kugler.

In 1921 Martin Luther Kugler married Goldie M. Haugh. They had a least 2 children, Kenneth G. Kugler (born 1922) and Anna G. Kugler (born 1926). Martin Luther Kugler died May 7,1957 in Martinsburg, WV. He is buried in the Mt. View Cemetery in Emmitsburg, MD

Martin Luther Kugler's WWI Service Record

Read Entries for 1913, 1917

April 15 sinking of Titanic (sic) steam ship over 1600 lives lost very nearly all men Monday morn 2:30 o'clock

May 5 Ex Governor Crothers died near midnight 12 o'clock

May 25 (no entry)

May 26 Mr. Joe Myers was taken sick on Sunday. Rev Hensley preached to the old soldiers Sunday. Rev Hensley preached to the graduates of E.H.S. Sun

May 28 Mrs. Pius Felix dropped (sic) over dead Catholic cemetery May 28 heavy rain

June 1 Buz Reesman was locked up over Sunday and taken to Frederick Monday morn.

June 4 building gas machine Web (sic) Felix and L. Kugler Tuesday

June 5 some person tried to get into Geo Frailey's house on Wednesday night.  Aunt Mary & Uncle Frank were in town.

June 6 Mr. Bowman died suddenly Thursday eve 7:30. Catholic June cemetery.  big rain. Two fellows came to town with a big harp and a violin. Thursday

June 7 Preparatory services in the Lutheran Church on Friday evening 7:30 o'clock. Tom Hays bought a cow from Patterson Bros. Frost Friday night

June 9 Communion (sic) Sunday in Lutheran Church. Children's day services in Lutheran Church on Sunday evening.

June 10 a gasoline traction engine went through town on Monday morning. Patterson's cattle dog Grant, was run over and killed by an auto. Dance down at opera house Monday night

June 11 Charlie Gelwicks started on Tuesday to work for J.T. Hays & son.

June 11 Mr. Deutrow died Tuesday night. buried in Mt View Cemetery

June 12 Clara Wantz was married to Richie on Wednesday.

June 13. started to put crushed stone on the street.

June 15 good rain. Saturday.

June 16 heavy (sic) rain. Sunday.

June 17 Frank Topper was taken away to Mount hope for treatment of the mind Monday.  Mr. Daniel Adelsberger died on Monday.

June 18 commencement at the Catholic school house

Tuesday June 19 commencement at Mt St. Marys College

June 20 commencement at St Josephs Academy. Thursday June 20 L.K. spouted tenant house on David Guise farm June 21 Albert Adelsbergers horse died. Friday.

June 21 Fraileys went to Washington in John Wagemans (sic) auto Friday. L.K. was out at M.S.M. college. Monday

June 25 L.K. down at Rocky Ridge to open bath tub and stand for Mrs Emma Biggs. Tuesday. Hard rain.

Tuesday June 26 a thunder gust.

June 24 Russel Myers and wife and baby were here Monday night and Tuesday morning.

July 1 L.K. & Buck Florence put on roof on building at college sewing room sewing building,

July 2. big air ship burst killing 4 people July 4 firemen's celebration

July 4 Thursday Big canvas balloon burned up at firemen's celebration. Emmitsburg & Gettysburg played ball at Emmitsburg score Emmitsburg 5. Gettysburg 6. Big railroad wreck killing 40 injuring 50 on the Lackawana (sic) railroad. Mrs. Zinc Dorsey died Friday

July 11 Mr. Wenchoff died Thursday. buried Lutheran cemetery

July 10 helped to roll boiler out of cellar at College Wednesday

July 13 fixed pump at Mr. McCarrens farm Saturday afternoon. Wreck on the W.M.R.R.

July 16 down at Rocky Ridge at Mrs. Emma biggs.

Tuesday July 17 at the Claget place Wednesday. Dorey Bollinger was taken away to the hospital Wednesday

July 16 Frailey's thrashed 200 bu of wheat. Tuesday

July 18 Mr. Charles Kretzer died at Baltimore in the hospital of canser (sic) was buried on Saturday in the Catholic grave yard.

July 21 hard rain Sunday

July 22 tinned a copper kettle for M.S.M. College & J. T. Hays & Son Monday. Bad accident up along Waynesboro pike a horse run off and hurt the lady very bad borders (sic) from top of mountain Monday

July 24 Miss Carey died on Wednesday from the accident that happened on Monday

July 25 Lutheran reunion at Pen Mar. Thursday

July 27 Annan Bros finished harvesting Saturday

July 28 Robert Rider and L.K. took a ride up over the mountain Sunday

August 6 Uncle Harry Waddles died on Tuesday.

Aug 7 Callahans baby died on Wednesday

Aug 9 Mr. Geo Springer lost a black horse from colic on Friday

Aug 12 Ned Creager was killed by an automobile on Monday night and Charles Creager was seriously injured at the Blue Mountain house Monterey

Aug 22 Mrs. Fred Hardman had a stroke Thursday

Aug 21 Boyle Bros lost a horse "Dick" Wednesday

Aug 18 Sunday no church in Lutheran church until the first Sunday in September

Aug 26 Monday men from Baltimore came to fix pipe organ at church.

Aug 27 Patterson's repairing their house and putting in furnace

Aug 25. Sunday. A baby boy born to Harry Wantz & wife.

Aug 24 Saturday. put in steam boiler at St Josephs Catholic Church. Robert Burdner, Web (sic) Felix, Andrew Florence, Frank Weant & Luther Kugler.

Aug 29 Thursday. Out at M.S.M. College putting asbestos covering on steam pipes. L.K.

Aug 26. Monday Charles K. started to pipe Mr. Ern Shrivers house for gas for T. C. Hays.

Aug 27 Wednesday. Rob Burdner started to put in Joseph Hoke heating plant. During the summer 1911 the power house at M.S.M. College was built, and the 100 horse power boiler was put in during the fall of 1911 also the engine and the electric plant was installed during the spring 1912 and the heating radiation was changed during the summer of 1912.

Aug 29 Thursday started to scaffle the Lutheran Church tower to paint on Mr. Chas Long scaffled it and Mr. Chas Ashbaugh is painting it.

Sept 1st Sunday Mr. Sam Helman died aged 75 yrs from cancer

Sept 1 Mary Kahl and Alice Dean left for home Baltimore.  Sunday eve big rain Sept 2 Monday big rain.

Sept 2 Old Home week started at Cumberland Monday

Sept 4 Wednesday Mr. Albert Adelsberger lost a black horse from colic

Sept 3 Tuesday Donald Agnew was taken sick with typhoid fever. Public school opened for the season.

Sept 5 Thursday Isador Ross formerly Isador Brown colored died from dropsy. Mr. Mart Stouter was seriously hurt when his automobile turned turtle, in it was his wife and baby and sister, his wife being hurt too.

Sept 6 Mr. Mart Stouter did not die as was reported on Friday. The 145-horse power boiler arrived in town it being hauled out to same day

Sept 7 Mr. George Adam Ohler died on Saturday. buried at Toms Creek

Sept 9 Monday eve Mr. Frank Topper died at Mt. Hope. Catholic school opened.

Sept 16 Roy Wageman (sic) started to work at T. C. Hays. Mr. Chas. Hoke started to work at T. C. Hays Monday.

Sept 17 Mr. Lewis Bell and Miss Mary Reifsnider were married by Rev. Hensley Tuesday. Put spout up out at Mr. Geo Millers farm on Tuesday Andrew Florence and L. Kugler

Sept 20 Friday Mr. Chas Hokes horse died down at Father Rennerts' farm house where they are putting a heating job in, Rob Burdner & Chas Hake. Mr. John Myers baby died Monday

Sept 21 died Lawrence Mondorff's baby buried in Catholic cemetery

Sept 22 Sunday baker at M.S.M. College and Miss Cook were married. Sunday Harvest Home services were held in the Lutheran Church.

Sept 23 Monday Mr. John Matthew and Miss Phene Tyson were married at the Priest house Emmitsburg.  Monday rainy. Bob Rider and Web (sic) Felix started to pipe Mr. Meade Fuss house for gas.

Sept. 24 Thursday heavy rain equalnoxial (sic) storms.

Sept 26 L. Kugler Thursday night joined the I.O.O.F. lodge Thurmont, Md.

Sept 26 Thursday Mrs. Thomas Hays went to the hospital in Baltimore to be operated on

Sept 30 Monday Mrs. W. Nunemaker, Mrs. T. Maxell, Mr. M.F. Shuff and Mr. John Wageman in an automobile took old Mrs. Weant to Monteview Frederick

Oct 1 Tuesday L. Kugler registered at precinct No. 1

Oct 3 Thursday Mrs. Muth died buried at Eyler's Valley Church Oct hog cholera around Emmitsburg

Oct 4 put spout on Alberts Patterson's house

Oct 5 Saturday old Mrs. Weant had sale.. Mamma went out to Lumeys.

Oct 6 Sunday Mr. Mart Stouter was brought from the Hagerstown hospital. Mr. Edward Wachter & Miss Crouse were united in marriage at the priest house. Died, Mr. Coyle lived on the Sam Cool place, buried in York

Oct 7 Monday L.K. out at M.S.M. College repairing rooves (sic). Morning wreck on W.M.R.R. four killed near Hagerstown

Oct 8 Tuesday "Old Mrs Weant died aged 91 yrs buried in Lutheran cemetery. Put tin on tower at College Rob Rider & L. Kugler.

Oct 10 John McGraw, Roy Wageman, Bern Peters, Charles Hoke, Harry Weant, worked all night connecting steam pipes in power house at M.S.M. College on Thursday night.. Olie Moser and Clarence Sanders started heating job in Thurmont at Mrs. Hammonds

Oct 8 York Fair started on Tuesday.

Oct 9 had a trial for Albert Bettey for cursing

Oct 11 Friday Roy Wagaman, Charlie Hoke, John McGraw, Harry Weant. L. Kugler worked all night at M.S.M.C.

Oct 13 Mr. Reinewald was here 20 yrs Sunday. An auto ran into the fountain on the square. not much damage.  Mr. Kerney Reed shot himself but did not die.

Oct 14 Olie Moser put a (sic) acetelyne (sic) machine in the Moravion (sic) Church Graceham, Md. Monday.  Rev Gluck left for Martensburg (sic) to preach.

Oct 14 Monday Mr. Charles Riders horse was injured in a runaway today. Colonel Roosevelt was shot and injured by Shranke

Oct 15. Tuesday smoke pipe was put on big boiler out at M.S.M.C. Mrs. Callahan died.

Oct 18 Mr. Charles Rider was taken to the hospital for appendicitis. y G. Kugler took a stove up to Mr. Harbaughs Sabillisville near Sanatorium. Mr. Chas Kugler John Mentzer started to put galvanize on Geo Fraileys house

Oct 24 L. Kugler was at Frederick fair Thursday

Oct 25 Miss Mary Mondorff was married to Mr. Payson they were married in Baltimore by Father Neck. the groom is from the state of Maine.  Miss Mary Mondorff was not married, Mr. Payson had a wife

Oct 26 Mr. John Mentzer had his collar bone broken on Saturday night down at Rocky Ridge by the W.M. train.

Oct 30 Wednesday Vice President. Sherman died at Utica New York, at home from uramic (sic) poisoning (sic) sick for a long while.

Oct 31 Hallowene (sic) Thursday

Nov 1 rain. Band was out on the street on Friday night

Nov 2 Saturday first snow storm of the season.

Nov 5 put up George Eyster Jr stove a new double heater bought from J. T. Hays Son Tuesday. Tuesday election day. Mr. Edward Wetsel (sic) moved to town down in Mrs Bakers house of Frederick Street Tuesday. Mr. Woodrow Wilson and Mr. Marshall were elected President & Vice President of the U.S.

Nov 8 Friday Web (sic) Felix & L. Kugler put on tin roof on out kitchen out at Mr. Hahn out along the mountain.

Nov 11 Monday L. Kugler took a double heater coal stove cut to Mr. Hemlers Sr along the mountain.  Mr. Harry Weant & Mr. Bernerd (sic) Peters went to Middleburg.

Nov 12 Tuesday Mr. Mart. Stouter died from automobile accident.

Nov 13 L. Kugler put a range in for John Matthews Jr. on Wednesday. rain

Nov 4 Thursday L. Kugler went down to Rocky Ridge to set stove for Mr. Geiselman and fixed the rain spout on the house.

Nov 14 Thursday Mr. Mart Stouter was buried out at the college up on the hill beside the old church. Put smoke pipe on furnace at Public School

Nov 15 Friday took a double heater out to Malen (sic) Stonesifer and fined. the spout on the barn L. Kugler. Mrs. Geo Winegardner died from typhoid fever. Nov 19 Tuesday big Democrat parade in Emmitsburg, Md.

Nov 19 started to put roof on slaughter house at M.S.M. College Tuesday Oley Moser, Andrew Florence & L. Kugler.

Nov 20 Wednesday Mrs Mack Shoemaker was taken sick very suddenly. Mr. Will Seltzer & Miss Grant were married by Father Tragresser at St Anthonys church.

Nov 21 Thursday C. E. Kugler & John Mentzer painted the tin roof on Aunt Sarahs house. Mr. Oscar Frailey had a porch built to the side of his house. Wade Stonsifer (sic), Tom Frailey, Joe Wivel (sic) painted it.

Nov 22 Friday little Jack Bollinger fell into a kettle of ponhoss and died a little while afterwards son of Dorey Bollinger & Fannie Bollinger. Mr. Harry Weant went to Middleberg to do some work.

Nov 23 Saturday morning about 5 o'clock Mr. Bern Hobbs barn burned down caught by a lantern.

Nov 26 Tuesday Olie Moser & L. Kugler to (sic) two double heaters away, one down to Nipples below Matters Station and the other out at Dorey Rosensteel Dry Bridge.

Nov 27 Weed put a double heater up down at Mot Morrisons.

Nov 28 Thursday Thanksgiving Day church in the Reform Church.

Nov 29 Friday took a double heater out to Henry Hokes house and set it up. Tomey Hays was in Baltimore. Dorey Bollinger sold his house to Mr. Jacob Hoke for $3,000. Lawrence Mondorff bough (sic) an automobile from John Wagaman (sic) & Zimmerman.

Nov 30 Sat Mrs. Dorey Bollinger was taken sick with the scarlet fever.  Dr. B. I Jamison was married to Mrs. Emma Biggs of Rocky Ridge Father Hayden married them.

Dec 2 Monday Rob Burdner, Buck Florence, Bern Peters & Roy Wagaman (sic) installed a steam boiler at Hotel Slagle.  Olie Moser & Charles Hoke went over to Mr. Warrenfelts to put in a heating job Wolfsville.

Dec 3 Tue L.K. soldered Issac (sic) Annan auto radiator. L.K. took two stoves away one up at the Friends Creek Church & the other stove a steel range up to Kipes. Mr. John Wantz was shot while out hunting with Russel Whitmore who shot him.

Dec 6 Fri Aunt Susan Kugler went out to Aunt Sarahs to spend the winter. Roy Wagaman was in Middleburg.

Dec 6 Friday L.K. put cutoffs on 3/4 pipe down at Mr. Mead Patterson barn & hog pen. About midnight there was a wreck on the W.M.R.R. up at Pen Mar, a freight and a (sic) empty passanger (sic) train collided 14 killed 9 were tramps.

Dec 7 Sat paid Thad Makel dues for lodge.

Dec 14 Sat Aunt Sarah Stansbury and Uncle Frank S. went to Baltimore to spend the winter.

Dec 16 Monday J. T. Hays & Son installed a big triplex pump out at M.S.M. College power house

Dec 17 Tue Bob Rider & L. Kugler put tin cornice gutters in out at St Anthony's Priest House

Dec 18 rain Wed. Dr. Jamison's wife moved into the Reformed parsonage, from Rocky Ridge. Bob Rider & L.K. put gas range in the kitchen and a radiator in the office. A. M. Patterson.

Dec 19 Thu Mr. Geo Frailey was taken to the Frederick City Hospital. Bob Burdner, Web (sic) Felix, Bern Peters & L. Kugler put roof on gas house out at M.S.M. College.

Dec 23 Mon Mr. Robert Tawney near Emmitsburg died from an operation in the hospital in Cincinnati. snowed, rain

Dec 25 Wed Mr. Eduard Moser was taken sick.

Dec 26 Thu Mr. James Bishop was taken sick with gall stones

Dec 27 Fri Thad Maxell was taken sick. Bob Rider & L. Kugler put some sewer pipes in down at priest house.

Dec 31 rain Monday, Ellen Beatty's house was sold to Mr. Galt Sr. Tue night Mr. Albert Adelsberger's horses ran off and broke the carriage and hurt themselves.  Isaac Bowers Jr., returned to Emmitsburg

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