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A Floridian Remembers Emmitsburg

Mary Tietgens

As for me, I lived on 140, about three miles outside of Emmitsburg going toward Taneytown, in the old Long farmhouse (I believe one of the Zurgables lives there now). My family lived there from 1968 to 1979. I started the fourth grade at the Emmitsburg school, then went to Mother Seton Elementary, and graduated from St. Joseph's High. Most of the family moved to Florida in 1979. My brother Jack, sister Therese, and I moved into town. I could not stand the Big City Life and moved back out in 1980, first just across the state line into PA for about a year, then I lived out on Annadale Rd near Mount St. Mary's until 1984 when I decided to make a new start and moved to Florida.

Although I did not care for "town life", I have always loved the E-burg area with it's beautiful rolling hills and farmland. I probably spent most of my childhood playing in Middle Creek. I remember sneaking in the first swim every spring with blue lips and Goosebumps, and ice skating on flooded fields after a freeze, by moonlight on winter nights. I remember walking into town during long hot summers, (sometimes three times a day) to shop at Boyel's Store for drinks and candy when we were young.

I remember Emmitsburg's parades at Halloween with all the trick-or-treaters bring up the rear. I always loved that time of year. Going down town to the Ott House, the Palm Lunch, or out to Cornie's Corner on school lunch breaks, was the highlight of my high school days. Venturing off in the per-dawn darkness to fish up at the swimming hole before Mass on Sunday mornings, cooking breakfast over a campfire, and watching steam rise off the water at dawn are some of my favorite memories. I have many memories of E-burg, far too many to mention. Okay, now I'm done rambling.

I guess I'd compare growing up in the Emmitsburg area to the Andy Griffith Show's Mayberry. Not quite...but close. Minus the southern charm.

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