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Adams County Pa. Related Historical Articles

Nineteenth-century Photographers
 of Adams County

  • Aulabaugh, J.A. last half 19th century? New Oxford
  • Boehme, Edward H. 1860 Gettysburg. Affiliated with Samuel Weaver - Eventually moved to Ohio.
  • Boyd, H.B. - "Excelsior Sky Light Gallery" - ca. 1866-1867 Gettysburg. Purchased old studio of I.G. &  C. J. Tyson.
  • Ernst, John 1860 Possibly practiced less than a year in Menallen township.
  • Fraiser, Stephen S. 1880s-1900s? York Springs
  • Frommeyer, D.A. Hanover
  • Harman, Hiram ca. 1876-1890 York Springs
  • Hollebaugh, S. Russell ca. 1880s-1905? Gettysburg. Affiliated with W. H. Tipton
  • Jones, I. D. ca. 1880s-1900? York Springs. The late William C. Darrah - had an old photo with Jones's imprint.
  • Mumper, Albert C. ca. 1896-1919 Son of Levi Mumper, Gettysburg. Noted in 1900  census as "Battlefield Photographer. Later moved to Waynesboro.
  • Mumper, Clyde ca. 1897-1913 Son of Levi Mumper, Gettysburg. Took over business ca. 1909.
  • Mumper, Frank Leroy ca. 1893-ca. 1906 Son of Levi Mumper. Left photography and became a farmer.
  • Mumper, Jacob I. 1893-1920 In business with his father, Levi Mumper. Left photography and managed the Jenny Wade Museum, Gettysburg.
  • Mumper, John A. ca. 1893-1946 First studio in Waynesboro, Franklin County. Served in Spanish-American War and later attended Effington School of Photography in Illinois. Circa
  • 1898 establishes a studio in Everett, Bedford County. Returns to Gettysburg in 1913 and purchases gallery from his brother Clyde.
  • Mumper, Levi ca. 1863-1909 Veteran of Co. I, 127th PA Volunteers.
  • "L. Mumper & Co." Apprenticeship with Tyson Brothers, Gettysburg.
  • "Mumper & Co." Purchased Samuel Weaver's studio in 1865. Started studio in Littlestown in 1869. In 1874 he returned to Gettysburg. In 1909 he sold his studio to Charles Williams.
  • Myers, Robert Asbury 1861-1872 He and John Warner open a photography shop in "Tipton & Myers Excelsior Gallery" Gettysburg. Circa 1867 in partnership with W. H.Tipton. Purchases the studio of Charles Tyson.  Sells interest in business to W.H. and Charles Tyson in 1872.
  • Pensyl, Jacob C. ca. 1867-1879 Gettysburg. Operated Levi Mumper's studio "Snyder & Pensyl" with John H. Snyder.
  • Raffensperger, Sarah ca. 1900 Gettysburg. Career of short duration.
  • Reed, Thomas D. ca. 1858-ca. 1870? York Springs.
  • Reichle, Charles L. ca. 1880-ca. 1900 Gettysburg.
  • Slaughtenhaupt, Harry T. ca. 1875-ca. 1895 York Springs and Littlestown 1846-1896
  • Spreights, John S. ca. 1861-1864 Gettysburg. Former Baltimore photographer, ca. 1858-1860, who rented Samuel Weaver's studio in Gettysburg.
  • Snyder, John H. "Snyder & Pensyl" "J.H. Snyder & Co."ca. 1867-1872 Gettysburg. Operated Levi Mumper's studio.
  • Stearns, Frederick ca. 1900 Gettysburg. Born NY ca. 1847. Left Gettysburg by 1903.
  • Tipton, Charles Tyson ca. 1895-ca. 1929 Son of William H. Tipton
  • Tipton, William Howard 1863-1929 Gettysburg. Apprenticed with Tyson Brothers.
  • "Tipton & Myers Excelsior Gallery" Wm. H. Tipton & Co." "W.H. Tipton" Associated with Robert A. Myers ca. 1867- "1873. Purchased Tyson Studio in 1868. C.J.  Tyson bought out Myers' interest and associated with same 1873-1880. Bought Tyson's interest and set up new studio on north side of Chambersburg Street, 1878-1902. Moves Studio across the street, 1902-1929.
  • Trostle, Allen S. ca. 1868-1872 East Berlin "A.S. Trostle's Photograph Gallery"
  • Tyson, Charles J. 1859-1865 Born NJ. He and his brother, Isaac G.
  • "Tyson & Brother" "Tyson Brothers" "Tyson's Excelsior Photographic "Excelsior Gallery" 1867-1868 establish a studio in Gettysburg. Sold his interest to brother in 1865, but bought the  gallery back from H.B. Portrait Galleries" Boyd in 1867. Sold out in 1868 to two  associates , Tipton and Myers.
  • Tyson, Isaac G. "Tyson & Brother" "Tyson Brothers" 1859-1866 Born NJ. He and his brother, Charles J. establish a studio in Gettysburg. Buys out brother's interest in 1865, but sells studio to H.D. Boyd in 1866. Brother bought the studio back in 1867. Works with his brother until 1868 when they sell the studio to two associates, Tipton and Myers in 1868.
  • Waddle, J. B. ca. 1913? Fairfield.
  • Weaver, Peter S. ca. 1860-1906 Son of Samuel Weaver of Gettysburg. Established a studio in Hanover ca. 1862.
  • Weaver, Hanson Edward ca. 1866-1869 Gettysburg. A cousin and associate cousin of P.S. Weaver, Hanover.
  • Weaver, Samuel 1852-1865 One of Gettysburg's first photographers. Father of P.S. Weaver.
  • Williams, Marian F. 1889-ca. 1929 Gettysburg. Photographed people on the  "Max" 1867-1929 battlefield and in the greater Gettysburg vicinity.
  • Yost, Lewis Hanover.
  • Yeagy, J. Alfred 1872-1873 Gettysburg. Refurbished Levi Mumper studio.


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