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Emmitsburg's Civil War Soldiers

(Company C, Cole’s Cavalry)

John Miller

My personal thanks goes out to everyone who submitted the information within these pages. I'd like to epically thanks my wife was painstakingly transcribed most of the material for me.

As you can tell, we have a long way to go to fill in the gaps. If you would like to contribute any material (prewar, war, or postwar) for our archives - such as memoirs, photographs, and letters on the members of Cole's Cavalry, please contact us at history@emmitsburg.net.

Out goal is to provide viewers a single intent source fto learn the life history of each of the soldiers of Cole's Calbvery, from were and what they did before the war, thier actions during the war, and thier lives after the war. 

As we pulled together the inforation withing this section, we noted some inconsistences with the index with information we pulled from the 1864 Roster of Cole's Cavalry Company C.

 For example, Alfred N. Fritchey is listed for two different dates as being captured, yet he was only captured once.  As far as we can ascertain, the resons for the inconsistencies lie in the fact that more than one person was recording the names on teh rostes at any given time. If your ancestor is not listed here, check the 1864 Roster. 

As alsys, if you have any information that could help us expand or improve our
archives on knowledge of the solders of Cole's Calvary, please send it to us at history@emmitsburg.net

John A. Miller