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The Great War

News Reports From the Front
100 Years Ago This Month

September 1914

September 1

Turkey preparing for war

Turkey may declare war at any moment. It is now only a matter of a few days-possibly a few hours. All efforts of the powers in the Triple Eutente have failed, and the London embassy amidst the situation is very grave. The military party now in dominance in Constantinople has reached the conclusion that the president is the best time to secure the restoration of Macedonia in the Aegean islands to the Turkish Empire. The

German officers and men were being poured into Constantinople to help the Turkish army and navy. Turkey apparently towns on the Balkan states quarreling among themselves while Turkey fights Greece, but it seems likely that Turkey's declaration of war against Greece will be regarded as a hostile act by the Triple Eutente, which will send a fleet to dispose of all the Turkish and German ships.

The British government has warned Turkey plainly that in starting any campaign at this time she signs her own death warrant. If Turkey declares war against Greece, Italy will declare war against Turkey.

Austrians and Russians both claim victory in same battle

The Austrian-Hungarian empire announced that their army had invaded Russian Poland and had defeated the Russians at Kraznik and throwing them back upon Lubiln. The Austrians said they are pursuing the Russians, who fought with desperation. According to the Austrians, losses on both sides have been severe, but the Russians have suffered more than the Austrians.

According to the Russians however, Russian troops smashed through the Austrian army in Northern Galicia, and have routed them with enormous losses. The Russian Cossack division is now declared to be in full pursuit of the retreating army and had six needed dismantling the rearguard. The defeated Austrians are declared in the official Russian report to be panic stricken and fresh Russian columns are being sent against them to friend our union with Austrian forces other.

Russia announced that its invasion of East Prussia continues with undiminished success. Heavy reinforcements have reached the German troops opposing their advance but have been unable to halt the Russian offensive.

Paris threatened

The German Army continues its advanced towards Paris is now within 60 miles of the French capital. In spite of all efforts of the allies they have been unable to check the steady advance of the Kaiser's troops. On the other hand, there is the greatest alarm in Berlin over the state events of the Russians, who continued their march through Prussia to the German capital of Berlin.

September 2

A German victory, near Allenstine, in which three Russian Army corps were defeated and 70,000 prisoners, including two Russian commanding generals, were taken, was reported by the German government. Meanwhile the Russian advance into Austro-Hungarian continued following a complete rout of the Austrian army by the Russians in a battle that lasted for eight days.

The French war office issued a statement that a German dirigible flew over the city of Antwerp and drop numerous bombs, but did little damage. Another German plane dropped two more bombs in the street of Paris. The German advance towards Paris continued and the Kaiser's forces are now reported only 38 miles from Paris.

September 3

German forces have now penetrated to within to 22 miles of Paris, and martial law has been declared in the city. According to the French the German force was met with such fierce resistance that it was almost a violated. Piles of German bodies are lying 3 feet high, according to refugees. A French sergeant stated that he's saw a whole German division of 12,000 men wiped out by the French artillery. But by sheer weight of numbers the Germans are pushing forward to victory.

September 4

The Russian government has announced that it has captured Lomberg, the Austrian stronghold in Galicia. A fierce battle is raging over front of over 50 miles with over 1 1/2 million troops engaged. It is stated that the Austrian army has lost more than 100,000 men. The Russians also claimed continued success in their advanced into East Prussia. However their advance has been slowed as the Germans have shifted troops from the French front to protect their capital Berlin.

An unconfirmed report from Athens says that the Turkish army is marching across a 75 mile wide strip of Bulgarian territory towards the Aegean Sea to invade Greece. It is believed that Turkey has an army of at least 600,000 men under arms under command of German officers. It is believed that Turkey will soon send three armies against her foes. One against Greece, another into the Caucuses to strike Russia, and a third into Egypt against English.

Near Paris, the allies left wing has fallen back to the third line of defense. The Allies have now banded entire valley of the Somme, 100 miles in length. The right wing of the German army is so far advanced that there is danger that it will be cut off. The German army are now nearing the outer fortifications of Paris.

September 5

Turkey has reportedly mined the Dardanelles, as a result the Russian Black Sea Fleet is effectively bottled up.

The three German army corps that had made such a sensational march towards the French capital have begun to show signs of fatigue. It is officially confirmed that the Germans are transporting troops posthaste back to the eastern frontier to meet the onrush of the Russians. French troops have been passing through Paris for the past three days headed towards the battle lines which protect the capital from the German advance. The resumption of the German advances waited at any moment. It is still that the strategic problem of the Allies is to select the right plan and the right moment for counteroffensive

September 7

That Austria feels that she is unable to stem the tide of the Russian invasion is shown by captured documents in which the dual monarchy has reportedly appealed to Germany for aid. A dispatch from the Russian government says the main Russian force is now ready to move against Germany. Russia will have the use of 20 Army Corps, or 800,000 men for its next campaign.

On the Western front, it is claimed that the right wing of the Kaiser's war machine has been defeated by French and British forces and of the German encircling movement around Paris started two days ago has been checked. More than 5,000 German troops were reported killed in one battle alone. Though the war is less than one month old the British government has announced that 15,000 of its men have died to date.

September 9

The allies report that all their forces are now engaged in a general action northeast of Paris. The French, assisted by the British forces, compelled the Germans to retire after two days of severe fighting which ended last night.

The Russian army is engaged in a supreme effort to annihilate Austria's war powers. Its army is engaged the main Austrian army along a battlefront that extends almost 100 miles. The Russian army is attacking heavily entrenched Austrian forces while tempting a flanking movement to prevent German reinforcements reaching the scenes. It is certain that this battle will last for several days. Because of the danger of the Germans reinforcing the Austrians, the Russian Gen. staff has decided to annihilate the Austrians at once.

September 10

The Russians claim that defeated the Austrian army in a great battle at Rawa and that the Austrians were said to be in retirement everywhere. Another Russian force is bombarding the last Austrian stronghold in Galicia, which if it falls, believe it opened halfway to the interior of Austro-Hungarian. So confident is the Russian government of their success that the Czar is making preparations to go to the front and lead his troops into Berlin.

On the Western front, the Allies can continue to report success along the hundred mile front. British forces have reportedly driven the German right wing back 25 miles and the French war office for the first time declared that the republicís army is defeating the German center despite strong resistance by the invaders. It is apparent that the German circling movement has failed completely and that the German forces continue to retire on the right and center.

September 11

Great Britain has announced that she will not make peace until she has decisively defeated Germany. Great Britain, France and Russia have signed their agreement not to make peace terms except by common consent.

On the Western front French war officials report that during the past four days battle the allies have pushed back the Germans 60 km (approximately 37 miles) and captured many prisoners and machine guns. The allies have already cut part of the German money communication in the East, and there is a probability of the invading forces being driven back on their ammunition and supply columns.

September 12

After five days of fighting the battle of the Marne has turned in favor of the French and the German right and center are now retreating in disorder. Considerable bodies of German infantry are being found hiding in the woods having been left behind owing to the rapper retirement other forces. They were surrendering upon sight of the French. But the better part of the German army, has succeeded in escaping from the Ally script and is regrouping North of the Marne.

September 14

The Russians are reported to have driven a wedge through the second Austrian line of defense in Galica and the Austrian army retreating from South Poland is in a perilous situation. It stated that the Austrian soldiers are panic stricken and fleeing for safety. The Russians claim to have captured 120,000 Austrian troops. The Germans are again moving troops from east to west. On the French front, the first, second, and third German armies continue to retreat.

September 15

Reports from all points on the battleline indicate that the Germans are retreating steadily. Russian troops have landed in Belgium to reinforce the allied French and British forces in France. They are marching south east to attack the right wing other German army. The number Russians who landed on the coast it's estimated from 170,000 to 300,000. The movement of this force the Russians undoubtedly explains the rapid retreat of the German right wing and the sending of a new German army to France by way of Belgium.

September 17

The Austrian center still holds a broad font against the victorious Russians, but with the right wing smashed and the left wing crumbled up in Russian Poland, the Russian believes that the annihilation or surrender of the Austrian Hungarian Army is imminent. Fighting has been continuous for 20 days along the center. In that time, according to reports received from the war office, the Austrians had been driven back 125 miles.

On the Western front the allies have had the advantage so far in the second great battle in northern France that is raging along 110 mile front. The Germans had delivered several counterattacks would have been repulsed but heavy losses. Whether the German purpose is to fight to the finish under present line or plan merely to cover their retirement it's not yet clear, but the German commanders are showing the same skill in retreat and the same skill and keeping their forces attacked as the Allies showed a fortnight ago. Pure

The German rush into France and back thus far has brought no decisive result, and until a pitched battle on a huge scale is fought and one neither side is a physician to claim that it secure more than the opening advantage in the wargame. More than 2 million men took part in the battle Marine.

Near Mezleres, the captain of a German detachment and the captain of a French detachment fought a duel to determine which side should surrender. The officer stepped off at 15 paces and fired with their revolvers. The German officer was killed; the Frenchman was uninjured. The Germans then surrendered to the French.

September 18

A dispatch from the Russian front says that the austere retreat has become a slaughter, that all discipline has been lost by the fugitives and even the officers of the Austrian army are joining in the flight without making any attempt to rally their men.

80 Army Corps (320,000 men) that Germany sent east to repel the Russian attack inn East Prussia and to strengthen the Austrian army had been withdrawn and are being rushed to the western theater of war. The allies believe that Germany intends to use these forces for final perfect blow it intends to shatter the alliesí resistance against them in France. This action by Germany will result in increasing whatever possible the rapidity of the Russian army movements.

The total number of Germans killed to date now exceeds 35,000. Since last week the average daily losses are 3,200.

For more British armies, made up of recruits that England is now assembling to the colors, will be sent across the English Channel to fight the Germans. The government stated that although the situation at present looked favorable to the Allies, the war would be long.

The greatest artillery duel in history is now in progress along the river Alsace, where the German right wing the right-center are making a supreme effort to check the advance of the Allies.

5000 guns are believed to be engaged. This fighting is only part of the battle which has been raging for three days along the hundred 10 mile front. Every reinforcements have reached the German right wing. And the Germans, taking the offensive, are striking fiercely at the Allies left-wing. New French troops are being rushed to the city. The losses of the allies have been far happier in the last two days than in any other period of the war. The German counter assaults have been determined, and have required frequent use other than that in checking them. But it has been in the general salts that the French have lost the heaviest.

September 19

Both sides claim to have the advantage in a great battle which is now raging in northern France. An official communiquť issue from Paris declares that the allies are progressing on the left wing, but that there is no striking change since the issue of the previous announcement. An official German statement says the Germans are dancing slowly but surely and that there are sure indications but the enemy force is failing.

September 21

The Russians claimed to have checked the German offensive in East Prussia and that a Saxon Cavalry division, which recently arrived in East Prussia from France, has suffered heavy losses. The relentless pursuit of the Austrian army by the Russian continues. Austria, is computed, has not more than a half million men left to guard her northern frontier against the Russian millions, but she has withdrawn them in some sort order so she can rely on the help of well-trained Germany Army Corps.

In the Pacific a Japanese expeditionary force attacked the Germans 30 miles north of Kiao Chou, the German lease possession in China. The attack has caused much unrest in several Chinese provinces. As a result of this, martial law has been proclaimed in the different provinces. Rebels have also been active in the capital itself because of the financial and diplomatic difficulties of the Chinese government, and many arrest and executions have taken place.

On the French front, the battle of Aisne has now become a set of daily conflicts, in which each side wins minor successes, but have not been able to deliver a crushing blow.

September 22

It is reported that Russian armies are advancing into Austro-Hungarian proper where they will meet the fiercest resistance yet found. The Austrians have been reinforce by 100,000 Germans and it is understood is German strategy rather than Austrian with which the Russians will have to contend with. The Russianís will face a picked corps of the Austrian armies rather than the raw peasant reservist that they have fought to date.

September 23

It is understood that more German reinforcements are joining the Austrians. And the next great battle may soon begin.

On the French front, both sides are digging in. Not a moment's reprieve has been given to entrenched German forces. The French and British on several Cajuns exceeded in surprising and driving back the occupants of the German trenches, but only after the most stubborn fighting and after heavy losses both to the attacking and defending forces. In every instance the Allied troops retain the ground captured and immediately dug themselves in.

Further west, the Germans developed a strong attack, but were beaten back with a bayonet, only to return again and again to be finally driven off their original positions.

September 24

Russian forces have begun falling back In East Prussia before overwhelming German troops. The Russians lost in a battle near Tannenberg, in East Prussia, 92,000 men captured and 150,000 men killed.

Chinese officials see the Japanese who are besieging the fortified German positions at Kiao Choldou lost heavily when the Germans exploded my in Granholm over which the Japanese were dancing. It is said that an entire Japanese Battalion was badly smashed.

On the French front, the Germans I brought forward heavy siege guns which has proved a strong factor in the fighting. No change of movement has taken place in the last few days in spite of pitched battles between the trenches.

September 26

An immense Russian force is rapidly nearing the German frontier on a line of advance 150 miles wide. A pitched battle is expected within the week, as vast as that of the Aisne, between 1 million Germans and Austrians, who are concentrating on this line in 1.5 million Russians.

The battle of Aisne is now in its 14th day with both sides reinforced and fighting a most bloody war. Trenches now stretch almost 200 miles long, inviting continues in a dogged fashion all day long. The Allied troops are following the example set by the Germans and are digging themselves deeper trenches. The artillery of both armies keeps up an incessant fire while French and German aviators observe from above

September 28

Germany has been reinforcing its forces in East Prussia at a rate of one Army Corps a day. Along the whole line the armies are in touch, grouping by means of reconnaissance and minor collisions as they seek out each other's strengths and positions.

The Austrian army is now split into four vaguely moving, incoherent masses and then, hungry and disheartened.

Paris was startled by a German aeroplane raid when the airship dropped the bomb on the city. The airplane failed in its main purpose, however, which appears to have been to destroy the Eiffel Tower, or at least to cripple the wireless telegraph station atop the tower.

September 29

The Russian steamroller is progressing with amazing speed and that only a stiff defense Krakůw and along the line from their too West Prussia, camper Van the Russian armies from being well on their way to Berlin within a very short time. The Russian General Staff is rushing the army forward with all possible haste, hoping to avoid a winter campaign for the capture of the German capital.

The Battle of Four Rivers in northeastern France rages with undiminished violence, but still without a decisive turn. The Germans have steadily met a soul with counter assault until the trenches of the opposing armies are only spraining distances apart. This has succeeded in pushing the Allied lines inside the range of the deadly heavy German guns and force the enemy to hand-to-hand fighting. However this may be, the Allies, according to German statements, are paying a heavy toll in the hand-to-hand fighting.

September 30

A late dispatch from Paris states that the German right wing is retreating from its fortified positions between the Aisne and Somme Rivers, and is now being pursued by the Allies. All the automobiles in northern France have a requisition for the pursuit.

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