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100 Years Ago This Month

May 1916

May 5


Tomorrow night at the town hall, Thurmont, Mary Pickford, the most popular motion picture star in the world, returns to the screen on the famous Players Paramount program, in a four-part modern and original film version of the century-old classic Cinderella.

Florence Reed, the celebrated emotional actress, whose amazing talents have been seen to advantage in such noted Broadway successes as Seven Days, and the Yellow tTcket, makes her first appearance and motion pictures in the screen adaptation of Henry Jones’ world famous drama "The Dancing Girl." This will be shown at the town hall, on Wednesday.

To Interest Boys In Farming

In order to encourage the boys of Frederick County along agricultural lines, the Thurmont banks have donated 25 dollars each in prizes to the members of the boys agricultural club of Thurmont. This club is working in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture. The members who joined at this time were James Annan, Emmitsburg; Ronald Zentz, Lloyd Hauver, Harry Zentz, Granville Layman, Roger Smith, Roy English, of Thurmont; Wilber Miller, Detour; Lloyd Zimmerman, Gracham.

J. Stewart Annan Elected Burgess

The annual election for Burgess for Emmitsburg, to serve one year, and a Commissioner to serve three years, was held in Firemen’s Hall on Monday. An unusual amount of interest was manifest in the election and practically the entire register vote was cast. J. Stewart Annan, former County Commissioner, was elected Burgess, and Mr. John Rosensteel was elected Commissioner. Mr. Annan received 136 votes, Mr. Rosensteel 92. There were two tickets in the field the Citizens and the People’s. Mr. Annan was on both tickets; the former ran Dr. Stone for Commissioner, the latter Mr. Rosenstiel. Dr. Stone receives 65 votes.

Allegations that certain legal technicalities had not been observed in the advertising and date of holding the registration prior to the election, threatened a court decision in regard to the outcome. It was contended, first that the notice of registration was not published 10 days prior to the sitting, and second, that the date should have been Tuesday instead of Monday. In view of these allegations the judges use three ballot boxes one for the qualified voters, one for those whose names were put on the books on the day of the registration was held, and a third for those who claim they appeared at the registration place on the legal day and found no one to register them. However, the account of the two extra boxes only serve to increase the majorities of the winners in the regular ballot boxes. The total number of voters was 136.

May 12

Gasoline Plow Demonstrated

On Saturday afternoon, Boyle Brothers gave a demonstration of the gasoline tractor, pulling a gang plow in the Annan Horner Bank field, opposite the Boyle Brothers warehouse. A number of farmers saw the demonstration and reported that they were very much pleased with the good results that were obtained from the experiment. Ralph Hollinger, 13 years old, and the grandson of Mr. John Hollinger, guided the machine for the exhibition and was in every way master of the situation.

Town Considers Oiling Streets

The town government has decided to call a public meeting, Monday evening, of the citizens to get an expression from them about oiling the streets. Burgess Annan said that he felt assured that the people of Emmitsburg want a clean town - clean morally as well as from a sanitary point of view. But nothing lasting and effective can be accomplished without the moral and practical support of every resident of the town. Annan said he was not infallible in judgment; therefore he depends upon suggestions from the people, suggestions made in good faith, on all matters pertaining to town welfare and promises to give courteous and careful consideration to the views of the taxpayers. This, in a few words, explains the policy of the present administration - a policy that, it would seem to any reasonable person, is fair and the essence of which is good government.

May 19

"Dry Forces" Launch Campaign

A largely attended conference of temperance workers met at the YMCA in Frederick on Monday afternoon, and fired the first gun of the campaign, in the interest of making Frederick County dry. The campaign will be conducted under the name of "United Dry Forces, of Frederick County." The following have been chosen on the committee for the Emmitsburg district: W. D. Colliflower and Paul Winchester.

Wet Forces Almost Launch Counter Campaign

Upon hearing that the "Dry Forces" have launched their campaign to rob men of their God given right to enjoy the fruits of John Barleycorn, the Former Former Boozers Association held a emergency meeting at the Hotel Slagel’s bar to map out a strategy to defeat the nefarious "dry forces.’" In order to ensure a large turnout, word was put out that the first round of drinks would be "on the house." Unfortunately for the Hotel Slagel, no one kept track of everyone’s first round - and with free booze an option - no Boozer was willing to admit that he already had his first round. By the time the hotel felt everyone had been served, the Boozer were too soused to remember why they had been called together. Instead of developing their counter strategy, the Boozers retreated to the Square where they sang ‘drinking’ songs and added to the volume of water in the fountain.

Narrowly Escapes Stray Bullet

While working on the new Gelwicks Building, near Flat Run, Harry Bowling came within an ace of losing his life. A stray bullet, fired from a pistol in the hands of some unknown person struck his shirt perforating it in two places. Bowling heard the shot but could not tell from what direction it came. He considers himself for a fortunate in having made the escape, which was narrow indeed and had his body been in a different position, he would undoubtedly have been killed.

Tacks on Road Cause Havoc

Had they been caught red-handed in the act, a man who on Tuesday strewed tacks on the state road from Lewistown to Emmitsburg, would have been handled in no general matter, for the owners of automobiles that were damaged were up in arms over the dastardly trick and even now are determined to see that the men are "run down."

Among the local people that were victims of a practical joke included Albert Patterson, M. R. Sheets, Brook Boyle, and the Emmitsburg Motor Car Co. Mr. Boyle had four flat tires and two tires of the Emmitsburg Motor Car Co. were ruined.

On Wednesday the deputy sheriff investigated the matter and, it is understood, any view those who are alleged to have distributed the tacks. Their claim was that the whole thing was an accident and that they cleared the road way, rushing attacks into the side drain. This explanation has not met with favor locally and it is understood that a further investigation will be made.

May 26

Three Thrown From Wagon

While returning from work on Saturday evening, Messers. Felex Stouter, David Hardman, and Charles Wagerman, who had been sawing shingles at Anderson’s Field met with a painful accident. The three men were in a stick wagon, when the shaft came loose, frightening the horses and causing him to run away. The occupants were thrown out, inflicting on Hardman and Stouter cuts and bruises. Mr. Wagerman was knocked unconscious in his shoulder thrown out of place. The runaway horse was caught near Krietz’s store.

Oiling Fund

The chairman of the committee for street oiling reported subscriptions amounting to over $300 have been made to offset the cost of oiling the streets. The committee, composed entirely of ladies, is making a very systematic canvas and all the members have been diligent in their efforts. They report that they have generally been graciously received and that with the exception of a very few people the town has responded and have expressed themselves as being in full accord with the idea.

Many who are not residents of Emmitsburg, but who motor or drive to town often, have also generously contributed to the fund. They have shown a very kindly spirit and, as they use the streets, are anxious to have them in good condition.

Boys Band to Give Concert

The Tresslet Orphan Home’s band will pass through Emmetsburg, Saturday, June 10. At the noon hour this musical organization of 35 boys will give an open-air concert, to the general public. For several years this band has had a reputation for its musical ability. Wherever their music has been heard, it has been greatly appreciated by many persons.

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